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Rudy Hermann Guede, Antonio Aviello Addressed in Amanda Knox Appeal

Rudy Hermann Guede, Antonio Aviello Addressed in Amanda Knox Appeal

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Did Rudy Hermann Guede or Antonio Aviello kill Meredith Kercher? Rudy Hermann Guede confessed to being the killer of Meredith Kercher during a jailhouse discussion, Mario Alessi told an appeals court Saturday. Guede disputes the conversation with Mario Alessi ever taking place. Guede’s alleged jailhouse confession is critical in determining whether the conviction of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito should be thrown out on appeal. But how about Antonio Aviello?

Knox, Sollecito and Guede were all convicted of the murder of Meredith Kercher. Since then, a series on victories have been obtained by Knox’s legal team through the Italian appeals process. While those wins have initially been as to DNA crime scene evidence, the case took a dramatically different turn Saturday when witness admissions were introduced.

Two convicts have testified for Knox and Sollecito. First, Mario Alessi has testified that Guede confessed to the murder of Kercher during a jailhouse encounter. Alessi claims that Guede told him Kercher was killed by Guede and an unidentified second man. Guede allegedly said that he and the second man went over to Kercher’s home to have three-way relations, that Kercher resisted, that after Guede returned from the restroom he found the other man on top of Kercher with a knife, and that the other man cut her throat in his presence.

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Guede tells news that he never had such a conversation with Mario Alessi.

Second, Antonio Aviello is the focus of another investigation. Inmate Luciano Aviello has told the appeals board that his brother murdered Kercher during a break-in robbery that went wrong. Mario claims that Antonio killed Kercher, had Mario hide the weapon and the house keys, and that Antonio remains in hiding in Naples.

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Mario in a police statement says “I know because my brother confessed to me that he had killed Meredith and he asked me to hide a blood-stained knife and set of keys.”

“I had everything under a little wall behind my house,” he said. “I am happy to stand up in court and confirm all this and wrote to the court several times to tell them but was never questioned.”

Antonio Aviello has yet to be called by the appeals’ court, his whereabouts unknown.

Mario Aviello, a member of the Mariano mafia family, said he Antonio previously lived with him in Perugia. “When he came to my house he had a bloodstained jacket on and was carrying a flick knife. He said he had broken into a house and killed a girl and then he had run away. “

He added “My brother told me that he and an Albanian friend of his called Florio were breaking into a house to steal some pictures. The house they broke into didn’t have any pictures and instead they found the poor English girl who started screaming like mad. Antonio stabbed her in the throat then he tried to stifle her screams. Meredith defended herself like mad, scratching and hitting out at him.”

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