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Caylee Anthony Crime Scene Photos Suggest Death Wasn’t Accidental

Caylee Anthony Crime Scene Photos Suggests Death Wasn't Accidental skull

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Caylee Anthony crime scene photos shown Friday supported prosecutors’ assertions that Caylee’s death wasn’t accidental. Today Caylee Anthony’s death images were morphed via animation to prove Dr. Jan Garavaglia’s assertion that Anthony died of a homicide, not an accidental drowning as the defense asserts. Friday’s testimony, argued by Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton, objected to by defense counsel Jose Baez, was ignited after a local Florida professor took the stand. By the end of the day, Casey Anthony had got furious, cried, and looked away as shocking images and videos were played for the jury.

The critical moment Friday was when the Court allowed University of Florida anthropology professor Michael Warren to take to the stand for the prosecution. Warren was called by Ashton to explain how death photos, taken at the crime scene, relate to images of a live Caylee Anthony. Warren took images of a Caylee Anthony with her mother, and then superimposed via animation duct tape over her Caylee’s nose and mouth.

The purpose of Warren’s testimony was obvious. Ashton wanted to show how it would have looked at the moment that Caylee was duct taped allegedly by Casey. Warren started with the existing image of a live Caylee, then morphed into a image of tape “cover[ing] both the child’s nose and the mouth”, and finally morphed again into the skull image of Caylee’s remains.

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Dr. Jan Garavaglia, the Chief Medical Examiner for Orange and Osceola counties, was equally powerful Friday. Garavaglia had years earlier ruled that Caylee died of a homicide of unknown causes. On defense cross examination, Garavaglia had to explain why her initial report different from her trial testimony this week.

In her report, Garavaglia had ruled the cause of homicide was of an undetermined cause. But when she returned to the stand, she basically said the cause was suffocation by duct tape. Garavaglia claimed that Caylee’s head should not have been duct taped in the face and nose, that her remains should not have been tossed in the woods next to garbage bags, and that her remains should not have gone missing for weeks.

She ultimately explained that tape over Caylee’s mouth and nose resulted in death by suffocation. Defense argued that she had changed from her report – listing an unknown cause – to her trial testimony – asserting the cause as suffocation by duct tape.

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Defense also argued that the suffocation by duct tape doesn’t prove the use of chloroform, also an assertion by prosecutors.
Garavaglia said the that children just don’t die with duct tape over their face, unless it’s a homicide. Baez drilled both her and Warren, asserting “Let’s throw everything against the wall and see what sticks.”

Baez’s assertion is that the state’s case is to swap back and forth from chloroform to duct tape, depending on which witness they call. Baez claims some prosecution witnesses assert the murder tool was chloroform and other witnesses assert it was duct tape.

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But as defense went on the offensive, Casey Anthony got yet again “sick” when a particular line of testimony. Casey broke down during the testimony by John Schultz, a University of Central Florida forensic anthropology professor. When Shultz told jurors that animals chewed on Caylee’s remains, Casey Anthony cried.

Chief Deputy Medical Examiner Gary Utz also testified Friday. Utz and Garavaglia both told jurors that Caylee suffered no trauma.

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