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Gage Edward, Jeff Lewis’ Boyfriend, Starts “Flipping Out”

Gage Edward, Jeff Lewis' Boyfriend, Starts FLIPPING OUT

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Gage Edward, Jeff Lewis’ boyfriend (photos below), is “Flipping Out”, literally. Jeff Lewis and Bravo tell news that Gage Edward will join the next season of the hit reality series. The revelation comes after months of Lewis suggesting that his boyfriend would remain off camera next season.

When Flipping out returns with Jeff Lewis’ cast of characters including Zoila the maid (Zoila Chavez) this July, one character in Lewis’ life now making an appearance will be his boyfriend. But after Lewis’ public fallout with Ryan Brown on the show’s reunion show, Lewis told news in 2010 he had decided not to bring his new boyfriend before the camera. That has now changed with the introduction of Gage Edward.

During a news interview in 2010, Lewis said he was heartbroken about the fallout with Brown on the show and had decided not to portray his new relationship on the series. But in a news release issued in advance of the new season (premiere date July 6, 2011), Lewis and Bravo confirm Gage Edward will join the series.

Gage Edward Pictures
Gage Edward Photo 1
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For Flipping Out fans, the storylines about relationships could focus not just on Jeff and Gage but also cast members.

Ironically, it was assistant Trace Lehnhoff who battled his own iPhone pictures leaked online last year. Fans weren’t sure if Trace Lehnhoff’s leaked iPhone pictures (in football shoulder pads and underwear) were part of a Halloween costume or his own attempt to find love online.

But on screen last season Trace became the victim of a client trying to find love with him. After too many beverages, client “Chuck” wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. Eventually Trace Lehnhoff was slapped, Jenni was groped, and Jeff Lewis was shocked. “Chuck slapped me and I was uncomfortable and it was awkward,” said Trace. “It was completely out of his character and I think that maybe whatever state he was in, he thought it would be funny. I didn’t think it was funny.” Jenni responded “I told Chuck if he took the Jaws of Life on my br–ts again I would punch him in the b–s. I was ready. I was cocked and ready.”

Who is Gage? “The usually guarded Lewis also opens up his personal life and introduces everyone to his boyfriend Gage Edward” says the Bravo statement to news. “Gage is the head of Jeff’s new Business Development team. He is incredibly ambitious and wants to turn Jeff’s small design firm into a much larger brand.”

Bravo explains that “As Gage pushes Jeff to become more serious about his company, Jeff finds that some of his staff, while fun to have around, aren’t necessarily good for business. It’s a seemingly happy family for now – but with so much going on, one slip up could cost someone their job. ” Also returning is the wonderful Zoila Chavez.


  1. Jay Preis

    March 12, 2014 at 10:29 pm

    This so-called reality show is all fake. There’s no hidden camera recording all these shennanigans. It’s all staged, scripted, and rehearsed. Everyone in the show is playing to a very visible camera and lighting crew.

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