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Giovanni Ramirez – Is Exoneration in the Bryan Stow Case Imminent?

Giovanni Ramirez - Is Exoneration in the Bryan Stow Case Imminent

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Giovanni Ramirez’s move toward possible exoneration in the Bryan Stow beating case will take a major step next week. Evidence against Giovanni Ramirez in the Bryan Stow (aka Brian Stow) beating case has been slim, if that at all. LAPD officials’ assert that they have more than just witness testimony to identify Giovanni Ramirez with the crime; insiders claim they do not. Moreover, the lack of strength in that witness testimony is suspected with Ramirez having not been charged with the crime and his case never even being sent to the LA DA’s Office now in more than two weeks.

Giovanni Ramirez is not going to win citizen of the year award, claims his attorney. With gang affiliation, a menacing glance in his mugshot, and a bastion of intimidating tattoos, Ramirez doesn’t wish the public to believe he is a model citizen. But Giovanni Ramirez does want the public to understand that he was not the person who beat Bryan Stow.

For weeks, Ramirez, however, has been caught in a dilemma. Not charged with a crime, how does Ramirez assert a defense, and when does he postulate that defense for the LAPD, potentially the LA DA’s Office, and the court of public opinion? The first move was last week’s double lie detector tests. Those results were not rereleased to the public. The second was a parole hearing. A board found there was no sufficient evidence to hold Ramirez on suspicion of parole violation for the Stow case. The board did hold there is enough evidence to hold him regarding an unrelated case, and set a final hearing for later this month.

But now, this week, a series of major developments, coupled with prior inconsistencies in the LAPD case, are formulating a case for possible exoneration. Defense counsel now make apparent to news that they will not sit back as LAPD stalls on the Ramirez case. Rather they are going on the offense to bring a series of motions next week.

LAPD’s case against Giovanni Ramirez rests on witness testimony. But Giovanni Ramirez’s attorneys will seek to prove that the witness(es) have the wrong person for at least three different reasons: hair, tattoos, and location.

Yes, Giovanni Ramirez has a shaved head now. But he didn’t the night of Stow’s beating, claims eleven witnesses. Among those witnesses are Stow’s family and friends. But Giovanni Ramirez’s attorneys are not stopping there. They reveal to news this weekend that they are going to bring a motion to get video tape from a motel and a gas station to prove his head wasn’t shave, but that he had a full head of hair, one day after the beating.

Ramirez and his girlfriend stayed at the Comfort Inn on Vermont Avenue near the 101 Freeway on April 1. They also went to a gas station nearby that day and passed by a LA City traffic camera as well. Ramirez’s attorney Anthony Brooklier is making a motion to get video form those different locations to prove his client had a full head of hair, as the witnesses claim.

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Next, Ramirez’s tattoos don’t match the witness testimony. As detailed on LALATE first, Ramirez has ink behind his head, underneath his ears, and across his neck. No such ink was spotted by the witness that formulated the police sketch. The ink is not a nominal amount that could be missed.

Finally, Ramirez says he wasn’t at the game. LAPD Chief Charlie Beck says he was, and that the suspect left a palm print on a nearby car after the beating. Ramirez’s attorney wants the print turned over to defense to compare against Ramirez’s print. Beck hasn’t turned it over as of yet.

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Giovanni Ramirez may have other parole issues to deal with other than the Stow case. But next week, the strength, or weakness, of the LAPD case against Giovanni Ramirez will become more apparent.

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