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Giovanni Ramirez Hair, Tattoos Reveal New LAPD Inaccuracies

Giovanni Ramirez Hair, Tattoos Reveal New LAPD Inaccuracies

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – As if the names Giovanni Ramirez and “Giovanny Ramirez” are not confusing enough, new LAPD inaccuracies are being revealed. For Giovanni Ramirez, the names, the tattoos, the hair, and the Henderson confusion are all making the LAPD’s case about Bryan Stow (aka Brian Stow) more problematic by the day.

First, is Giovanni Ramirez, the suspect arrested in the Stow case, the same person as Giovanny Ramirez of Henderson, Nevada? This week NBC Los Angeles reported that on “Tuesday night, KCBS [also] reported that authorities in Henderson, Nev., following up a January shooting incident as an attempted murder, are seeking a suspect identified as Giovanny Ramirez with the same birthdates as Giovanni Ramirez.” But a spokesperson for Henderson police also tells news that the local “Giovanni” Ramirez is not wanted in Henderson.

Second, more confusion about Giovanni Ramirez’s neck tattoos is coming out. As previously detailed on LALATE, the LAPD witness did not notice neck tattoos on the person who was beating Stow. No neck tattoos appeared on LAPD suspect sketches.

As previously reported here, Ramirez after the Stow beating was spotted by his parole officer allegedly trying to change his neck tattoos. A parole photo of Ramirez shows Ramirez with a “LA” Dodgers logo tattooed on his neck. But NBC Los Angeles reports that Ramirez’s attorney Anthony Brooklier “said Ramirez insists he has never been to Dodger Stadium.”

Really? When asked about his client having an LA Dodgers logo tattooed on his neck ” Brooklier said he was not aware of this and could not comment” claims the website.

Giovanni Ramirez Pictures Set 1
Giovanni Ramirez Photo 1

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Third, the list of attorneys speaking for Ramirez is growing. Initially Attorney Chip Matthews previously told news that his client Giovanni Ramirez didn’t beat Bryan Stow and wasn’t even at the game. Then Anthony Brooklier was added who according NBC says “Ramirez insists he has never been to Dodger Stadium.” Now Ramirez has reportedly also added attorney Jose Romero.

Fourth, not only is there a problem about the tattoos but now about the hair. The witness allegedly spotted Stow’s attacker with no neck tattoos and a completely shaved hair. That could mean big problems for the LAPD case that is built potentially only on witness testimony. On the day of Stow’s attack, Ramirez unlike the suspect had a entire neck filled with tattoos, and according to his attorney, unlike the suspect had a full head of hair.

Giovanni Ramirez Pictures Set 2
Giovanni Ramirez Photo 4

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Ramirez’s attorney is reportedly prepared to present evidence from not eight but now eleven witnesses that will indicate that Ramirez was not at the game but with the witnesses, had a full head of hair unlike the attacker witnessed, and a full neck of tattoos unlike the attacker spotted.

LAPD has yet to comment about the neck and hair inaccuracies. But Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck vows he has the primary aggressor against Stow.

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  1. Dirwulf

    June 1, 2011 at 9:05 am

    Lots of gang members have the LA dodgers logo. Its actually just a Los Angeles tattoo, nothing to do with the Dodgers.

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