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Giovanni Ramirez Teardrop Tattoo Error Prompted his Arrest?

Giovanni Ramirez Faces New Possible State Prison Sentence

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Did an error over Giovanni Ramirez’s teardrop tattoo prompt his arrest? The Giovanni Ramirez arrest came from a tip from Ramirez’s parole officer, LAPD has confirmed. But beyond that, LAPD has yet to detail to news the events that unfolded between Ramirez and the officer that lead to the arrest of the East Hollywood resident. News details revealed this weekend, coupled with previous news reports, now point to a possible alleged tipoff that lead to Ramirez’s arrest: a database error over his teardrop tattoo.

Giovanni Ramirez has a teardrop tattoo under his left eye and a series of identifiable neck tattoos. Billboard sketches of the primary aggressor against Bryan Stow (aka Brian Stow) depicts a teardrop tattoo spotted by the witness.

But, if you were an LAPD officer assigned to the Bryan Stow investigation, searching state parole databases for suspects with the same teardrop tattoo, Giovanni Ramirez allegedly would not have come up. Why? It wasn’t in there.

A news report this weekend indicates that the California Law Enforcement Automated Data System (LEADS) file on Giovanni Ramirez was allegedly messed up. Upon Ramirez’s release from state prison as a parole, his parole file cover sheet allegedly failed to note his tattoos on his face and his neck. If anyone was searching the database based upon ink recognized by the Stow witness, Ramirez allegedly would not have come up through the database.

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When police began their investigation into the Bryan Stow (aka Brian Stow) beating, LAPD is allegedly believed to have relied on the flawed LEADS to search for paroles that resembled the suspect. Ramirez was allegedly not in the database for paroles with a teardrop tattoo, clearly identified by the Stow witness and drawn on police suspect sketches.

LAPD has confirmed that the arrest came from a tip from Giovanni Ramirez’s parole officer. But, when you couple this weekend’s news reports with previous news reports about Ramirez’s meetings with the officer, one must wonder is that the alleged error in the LEADS file might have been spotted by Giovanni Ramirez’s parole officer.

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A new report claims that Giovanni Ramirez had just been an assigned a brand new parole officer. Did the officer try to review the Ramirez file to insure there were no errors … such as missing tattoos? This weekend, a news report claimed that Ramirez was allegedly assigned a brand new officer three days before the Stow beating. In that parole file was Ramirez’s picture with the tattoos. But in the LEADS parole file, the tattoos were allegedly not mentioned.

After the Stow beating, Giovanni Ramirez allegedly changed his neck tattoos. That prompted a watchful eye from the officer, previously news reports have claimed. The officer is said to have allegedly reported the change.

But now, based upon the new evidence of the LEADS error, the officer’s alleged reporting of the tattoos change may have prompted LEADS officials to allegedly realize that Ramirez’s file in the database had been wrong all along.

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