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Giovanni Ramirez Ties with Varrio Nuevo Estrada Gang Reexamined

Giovanni Ramirez Ties with Varrio Nuevo Estrada Gang Reexamined

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Giovanni Ramirez had ties to Varrio Nuevo Estrada (VNE) gang, LAPD Jose Carrillo has told news. Giovanni Ramirez had association with the VNE street gang’s Los Angeles central division, Carillo briefed Los Angeles news week. But in another report, police claimed that Ramirez heralded from a Pacoima gang. Now new details about Varrio Nuevo Estrada, Giovanni Ramirez’s violent past, and the search for more suspects have been released.

Far before Giovanni Ramirez’s arrest in the Bryan Stow (aka Brian Stow) matter Sunday, Ramirez had an extensive criminal background. At age 18, in 1998 Ramirez was convicted of attempted robbery. Ramirez was arrested for allegedly using a club against a woman, as a deadly weapon, in the effectuation of robbery. Ramirez eventually served one year in county jail. He reportedly was also convicted of a robbery in 1999.

Three years later, Ramirez was off probation. But by 2005, he was back in trouble with the law again. This time was convicted of firing a weapon in a public place. But the location of the firing prompted additional concern.

On New Years 2005, Ramirez was at a Pacoima home in the Foothill Area. Police had been dispatched to monitor the home that night in anticipation of weapons fired for New Years Eve. Additionally, the home had had reputation of being a gang residence, KTLA reports. An undercover gang officer wrote in his report for Ramirez that year that the house “… earned a violent reputation in Foothill Area.” The Pacoima home had a “reputation … established through its members committing violent crimes, including felony assaults, drive-by shootings and even murder.”

So why was Ramirez there? Police asserted he was part of that Pacoima street gang. He was found with methamphetamine on him. He pleaded guilty to a weapon change and went to state prison for thirty-two months.

Since being released, Ramirez has reportedly been out of control. But this weekend, police claimed that Ramirez had ties, not to a Pacoima gang, but to the downtown division of the Varrio Nuevo Estrada gang, reported CNN. The Varrio Nuevo Estrada gang dates back to Los Angeles in the 1940s. Its name derived from the Estrada Courts housing projects and grew out of Boyle Heights neighborhoods before expanding into East L.A. and Montebello.

The remaining suspects – the second person who alleged beat Bryan Stow and the Latina getaway driver – remain at large. Also sought for questioning is the toddler in the passenger seat of the vehicle. Police have yet to update news as to that part of their investigation.

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