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Arnold Schwarzenegger Mistress Prompts More Affair Allegations

Arnold Schwarzenegger Mistress Prompts More Affair Allegations

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – With one Arnold Schwarzenegger mistress revealed Monday, other Schwarzenegger affair allegations have surfaced. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s latest mistress affair admission came after years of Schwarzenegger misleading California voters as being a devoted husband. At the same time that Arnold Schwarzenegger told news that he even had presidential aspirations, Schwarzenegger was unbeknownst to his political opponents, the residents of his state, and even his own wife, having an affair with his household personnel. That woman’s name has yet to be revealed. Additionally, it remains unclear if the woman, married at the time, told her husband the child wasn’t his, or he found out this week.

While the Arnold Schwarzenegger mistress affair admission was announced by the former Governor in a news statement Monday, news sites confirmed they had heard rumblings of affair allegations since last week. In fact, Arnold Schwarzenegger has battle affair allegations and allegations of unwarranted advances for years.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s decision to come forward last night may have shocked voters. But rumbling in the sidelines are a handful of women, at least, who have made allegations against the film star over the years. Gigi Goyette allegedly has said there are “There were so many other women. About 13 have come out of the woodwork.” But thirteen women have not come forward.

In 2003, a series of women came forward and claimed unwarranted advances by the married film star. Elaine Stockton, Anna Richardson, and Rhonda Miller were among the names that came in and out of news in the last eight years. An additonal four of them refused to come public at the time.

In 2000, Schwarzenegger allegedly earned himself the nickname “the octopus” because of his alleged wandering hands. Among the women who claimed to be alleged recipients of his advances were Anna Richardson. Richardson interviewed Schwarzenegger at the Dorchester that year.

“He kept staring at my boobs,” she said. “When I went to shake his hand he pulled me on to his knee, saying, ‘I want to know if your breasts are real.’ I told him they were an F-cup. He then … [edited] … and gave it a [edited]. He said, ‘Yeah, they are real.’ I stood up and said, ‘You’re making me nervous.’ He told me not to be nervous and pulled me back on his knee. I said, ‘Can I go, please?’ He said, ‘Yeah,’ and patted my bum as I went.”

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