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LA Traffic Cops Tape Controversy Revealed

LA Traffic Cops Tape Controversy Revealed

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Two Los Angeles traffic cops (photos below) have been caught doing adult films. Two traffic officers from Los Angeles Department of Transportation appear in adult videotapes displayed online currently, claims NBC 4. The officers are featured using official uniforms and their official vehicles claims the Los Angeles news report tonight at 11 pm PST.

LA’s parking enforcement chief has confirmed the persons on the tape are his employees. It remains unclear how the news broadcast was first alerted to the tape. But in a pre-broadcast report, NBC claims to have found the videotape, photos, and supporting evidence on a “popular adult subscription website”.

LA Traffic Cops Tape Pictures Edited
LA Traffic Cops Tape Photo 1

LA Traffic Cops Tape Photo 2
LA Traffic Cops Tape Photo 3

The video has since been verified by LADOT and is under investigation by the city attorney, the Los Angeles Police Department and City Councilman Bill Rosendahl, chairman of the city Transportation Committee. Rosendahl said he is “outraged” about the scandal.

The video footage, moreover, allegedly became known by the employees’ supervisor more than sixty days ago but nothing was done.

Amir Sedadi, interim general manager of the Department of Transportation, says the video features two male employees, in their official uniforms, using at least one official vehicle. Yet despite the appearance of uniforms and vehicle, their supervisor claimed they couldn’t be definitely identified in the video.

The video stars with a female “actress” walking up to one officer. The woman first removes her clothes, then gets spanked by the first officer who touches her exposed body parts. Then she walks up to a second officer who also spanks her before she gets into his official car and performs acts on herself.

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