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USC Rooftop Photos from Waite Phillips Prompts Kappa Sigma Investigation

USC Rooftop Photos from Waite Phillips Prompts Sigma Kappa Investigation

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Photos of USC’s rooftop of Waite Phillips Hall are usually referenced for architectural significance. Today, the photos are referenced for a Kappa
Sigma scandal. A Kappa Sigma male member and female “companion” took to the top of Waite Phillips Hall this week and engaged in relations, extensively. And while the scandal could have erupted in the middle of the rooftop, the Kappa Sigma member and his exhibitionist companion did it on the edge of the roof line, in open view, for a prolonged duration.

Now, photos of Waite Phillips Hall this week are dominating local Los Angeles papers, even Los Angeles morning news, showing the two persons engaging in relations on the famous twelve story building.

When Edward D. Stone Associates designed and built the Hall in 1968, they may not have taken into consideration exhibitionist activity at the rooftop. While it remains unclear how the two students even got to the rooftop, the event got news coverage immediately. A photographer was in place. By Saturday night, the pictures were in the Daily Trojan. By Monday, the unidentified male was suspended from Kappa Sigma . And while LA Weekly, LA Curbed, and LA Taco, and ran the pictures, the pictures are still under investigation.

LA Taco says the pictures were captured by someone “anonymous”. That seems a bit hard to believe. The Daily Trojan in fact by this weekend said the pictures were posted to Facebook.

Quickly,  condemnation was issued.

Ayushi Gummadi, president of PHC, denounced the conduct in a statement to the Daily Trojan. “IFC and PHC have called a presidents’ meeting to discuss the viral spread of photos through social media this weekend,” Gummadi said. “We plan to look into this situation and will come up with a course of action.”

Zach Timm, president of USC’s Kappa Sigma, would not confirm the male’s identity but did confirm his suspension. “While the actions that were taken did involve a member of our chapter we, in no way, support this kind of behavior, nor do we promote any other such actions,” Timm said in a news statement issued to the Daily Trojan Saturday. “The member in question has been suspended from Kappa Sigma for conduct unbecoming of a Kappa Sigma and a gentleman until a more detailed investigation can be conducted.” Daily Taco remarks ” ‘suspended’ must be a code word for “promoted to President”.

Despite the Trojan reporting that the pictures allegedly
“have linked the female to USC’s Delta Gamma sorority”, the sorority denies that link.

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  1. Rue

    March 29, 2011 at 11:18 am

    Sigma Kappa is a woman’s organization. You probably meant Kappa Sigma.

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