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Beyonce – Alexsandra Wright, Nixon Knowles Not Mentioned in Professional Split Statement

Beyonce - Alexsandra Wright, Nixon Knowles Not Mentioned in Professional Split Statement

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Two years after Alexsandra Wright (photos below) had an affair with Beyonce’s father Matthew Knowles during his marriage to Tina Knowles, resulting in the birth of Beyonce’s half brother Nixon Knowles, Beyonce says she still loves her father.

But on Monday, Beyonce officially ended her professional relationship with her father.

In October 2009, Alexsandra Wright of Los Angeles filed a paternity suit against Matthew Knowles, Beyonce’s father, claiming her future child is Knowles’ son. At the time, Wright was six months pregnant with Nixon Knowles. Wright was represented by Neal Harsh, Lamar Odom’s attorney in the Khloe Kardashian prenuptial case.

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At the time, Knowles has been married to wife Tina since 1980.

By December, Beyonce’s mother filed for divorce, claiming the couple hadn’t been living together since January 2009. Tina’s petition said “The marriage has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities … that destroys the legitimate relationship and prevents any reasonable expectation of reconciliation.”

By March 2010, a paternity test proved that Nixon was Knowles’ son.

Beyonce in a news statement this week says she still loves her dad but has split with him professionally. She makes no reference to Wright. “I’ve only parted ways with my father on a business level,” Beyonce said in a statement. “He is my father for life and I love my dad dearly. I am grateful for everything he has taught me.”

Knowles adds the following in his own statement “We did great things together, and I know that she will continue to conquer new territories in music and entertainment,” Knowles said. “Business is business and family is family. I love my daughter and am very proud of who she is and all that she has achieved. I look forward to her continued great success.”

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