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Scott Sibella of MGM Grand Tackles “Undercover Boss”

Scott Sibella of MGM Grand Tackles Undercover Boss

LAS VEGAS (LALATE) – Scott Sibella of the MGM Grand is placing  his bets on Undercover Boss tonight. But as Scott Sibella heads to the gambling pits as a dealer, he learns that maintaining his cover may not be in the cards.

As President and COO of the MGM Grand (NYSE: MGM) in Las Vegas, Sibella is the first Las Vegas executive to become an Undercover Boss tonight. But as the head of the second largest hotel in the world, he learns that his undercover disguise might not be worth betting on.

He “faces a group of rowdy gamblers who are quick to point out his shortcomings as a dealer” reveals CBS in a statement to news. Sibella thereafter “becomes frustrated with the slowness of their computer system while attempting to check-in guests”.

Sibella says of tonight’s episode “This was one of the most important and rewarding things I’ve done in my career.” Sibella adds “I learned so much about our employees, and the experience will make me a better leader for our team.”

With seven thousand rooms and nine thousand employees, Sibella has one of the largest workforces ever profiled on the hit CBS series. So while Sibella appears as a dealer and guests services representative, there could have been far more footage to tap for the head of the massive hospitality empire. The question remains however if Sibella is able to maintain his cover.The show airs tonight on CBS.

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  1. Rebecca Evans

    May 15, 2012 at 9:14 am

    Just saw this episode as a re-run. Mrs. Sibella & the 2 kids are spoiled brats.
    1 year later – I’d like to see a follow-up to see if Mr. Sibella kept his word & whether or not his snotty wife & kids really did get involved in the community.

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