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Tericka Dye, Tera Myers Quits over Rikki Andersin Past

Tericka Dye, Tera Myers Quits over Rikki Andersin Films

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Tericka Dye, Tera Myers, and Rikki Andersin are the same person. Tera Myers tells news that she is quitting her teaching job from Parkway North in St Louis. School officials confirm news that Tera Dye will be paid for the remaining part of the school year.

While a news statement from the Parkway School District explains the decision by Tera Myers, it doesn’t explain her logic. Over fifteen years ago, Tericka Dye appeared in adult films under the name of Rikki Andersin. She told news years later that it was the worst mistake of her life.

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Five years ago, Tera Myers was “Tericka Dye”, teaching at a school in Kentucky. Her previously films were discovered by Kentucky students. Because the films weren’t illegal, the employment didn’t show up in a background check. In 2006, Tericka Dye was a happy science teacher and volleyball coach at Kentucky’s Reidland High School in Paducah. But when the film(s) were discovered, she was suspended with pay for one school year by officials, her contract not renewed. Parents and students stood by her.

In a 2006 news interview, Tericka Dye said¬† “Anybody who’s been in my classroom could tell you how much I love teaching and how much I love these students, and that should be what matters more than anything in my past.”

She brought legal action against the McCracken County School System. Then Tericka Dye reportedly dropped the action and just left town. Her attorney never stated where she would be heading.

In August 2007, Terra Myers was in St Louis, hired at Parkway North. She had remained happy there until recent days, when yet again, a student found her previous films online and realized that Terra Myers was the former teacher Tericka Dye and former adult film star Rikki Andersin.

Dr. Don Senti, interim superintendent of the Parkway School District in suburban St. Louis, tells news that Myers has asked to be put on administrative leave for the rest of the school year. The official statement reads “Out of respect for her privacy and that of her family, the district has agreed to accept the teacher’s request.”

Parkway North says Myers had no intention of returning for the fall 2011 school year. (Of note, unconfirmed reports state her story was covered on the Dr Phil Show several years ago.)


  1. Semilogical

    March 11, 2011 at 6:19 am

    So what if this lady made money doing something considered wrong. What was the HS kid doing watching porn?

    We still give Bill Clinton credibility and look at the things he did while president!

    Leave the lady alone, obviously that part of her life is over.

  2. Hector

    December 28, 2012 at 5:57 pm

    If you want a respected place in society, don’t do p rn. End of story.

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