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Melissa Molinaro – Kim Kardashian Look Alike Prompts Controversy

Melissa Molinaro - Kim Kardashian Look Alike Prompts Controversy

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Melissa Molinari and Kim Kardashian (photos above) look alike. But when Melissa Molinaro appeared in a new Old Navy commercial, not just her makeup and hair were done in Kardashian-esq style, but Molinaro evoked cliché Kardashian poses, gestures, and moves. With Kardashian demanding top dollar for television product endorsements, the Old Navy commercial is drawing controversy tonight for allegedly evoking one star, but paying for the price tag of another.

Melissa Molinaro vs Kim Kardashian Pictures Set 1
Melissa Molinaro Photo 1

Melissa Molinaro Photo 2

Melissa Molinaro Photo 3

The ad campaign is “Super Cute”. But the question is whether it’s super misleading as well.

“Looks like she’s trying to look like Kim” said one viewer tonight on YouTube. Another added “Rate this if when you first saw this commercial you thought it was Kim Kardashian! I sure did!”

The campaign starts with Molinari with her hair to the side, striking a typical pose used by Kardashian over the years in which her face is down.  Molinari’s gestures are Kardashian inspired with wide open lower jaw movements in the initial scene.

Melissa Molinaro vs Kim Kardashian Pictures Set 2
Melissa Molinaro Photo 4

Melissa Molinaro Photo 5

Melissa Molinaro Photo 6

If you weren’t tricked that it’s Kim Kardashian, the switch to the supermarket aisle certainly may do it. Later Molinari takes to the streets, prompting paparazzi to storm her on the sidewalk. Kardashian has yet to comment about the music video.


  1. rsx

    July 24, 2011 at 11:03 pm

    Well you can’t exactly copyright the way a woman’s face and figure looks – its just how they were born. Let’s see how far she’s willing to go – meaning until I see the “Stolen home video” celebrity sex tape, Im not convinced that she’s trying to ride Kim’s coattails.

    Unless that arrives by next week, this’ll all fizzle.

  2. Elle richie

    August 2, 2011 at 4:33 pm

    OMG she is wearing clothes like kim, hair like kim, glasses like kim and posing like kim….

    Seriously did no one wear clothes, do their hair, wear glasses or pose, BEFORE kim kardashian!

    Its soooo narcissistic to think that someone with brown hair and a centre parting is copying you! someone needs to remove their head from their ass, although its probably her mum doing all the suing!

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