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Chateau Miraval – Bangelina Provence Mansion Prompts Inaccuracies

Posted: February 22nd, 2011 in Chateau Miraval by LALATE

Chateau Miraval - Bangelina Provence Mansion Prompts Inaccuracies

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Château Miraval (photos below), the Brangelina mansion in France’s Provence region near Marseille and Var, is so enchanting that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are going to retire from Hollywood films and just do French construction for the rest of their life. At least, that is the ridiculous claim made in this week’s British news.

The British news is claiming first, that Jane and Bill Pitt, Brad’s parents, are moving from Springfield, Missouri to the rolling hills of France’s Provence, permanently. Second, the reports claim that Brangelina own Chateau Miraval and are doing massive renovations to the estate to prepare for their family’s relocation. And finally, British news claims that Brangelina are retiring from Hollywood to do just voice over work from inside the mansion.

Chateau Miraval Pictures
Chateau Miraval Photo 1
Chateau Miraval Photo 2

The only thing consistent about that report is that every assertion is wrong.

The Pitt parents aren’t leaving Missouri for good, Brangelina don’t own Chateau Miraval, and Brad and Angelina aren’t retiring from Hollywood.

But time seems to repeat itself, especially in British news. This week’s false news report is virtually the same that surfaced in 2008. In May 2008 news reports falsely claimed the couple had bought the Chateau. Instead, at the time American owner Tom Bove remained the Chateau’s owner. The estate is from the 17th century estate, featuring over 1,000 acres of forest and vineyard. The chateau is believed to feature 35 bedrooms, a lake, a pool, and a moat.

In fall 2008, news reports claimed that in Correns, a village in Provence in close  proximity to Brangelina’s Chateau Miraval, the trend is for residents reportedly to “make up stories about the couple for the paparazzi.” Additionally, “you will be treated to a free glass of pastis if you can get a particularly silly story published, mischievous residents said, declining to be named” so claim reports at the time.

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Chateau Miraval

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