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Spike 80DF – Toomer’s Corner Trees Poisoned

SSpike 80DF - Toomer's Corner Trees Poisoned

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Spike 80DF aka Tebuthiuron was placed by Harvey Updyke on the Toomer’s Corner trees, claim police. Spike 80DF is feared lethal when applied to the soils as Updyke alleged did. Local news is reporting the application of herbicide Spike 80DF to the soils of the 130 year old oaks will kill the trees.

But is there a solution?

On January 27, Al from Dadeville allegedly called a radio program and told the host that he applied Spike 80DF to the soils around the Oaks the weekend of the Iron Bowl (in which Auburn defeated the University of Alabama).

And while Updyke has been arrested by local sheriffs, his conduct has drawn the attention of everyone from federal officials to the FBI. Why? Use of Spike 80DF is governed by the EPA and requires licensing, claims reports.

One local report does an extensive analysis of how Spike 80DF permeates through the soils. Despite application at ground level, local news is claiming that Spike 80DF could remain in the soils of the Auburn tress for upwards of five years. There is additionally a process by which the tree will “leaf off” or drop its leaves during an initial Spike 80DF attack; the tree will then repeat that process as more to the Spike 80DF is drawn into the roots over time.

Is there a solution? Auburn officials are reportedly considering to remove damaged soils near the root level. The process would involve the use of a excavator vacuum.

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