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Masha Markova Fur Coat Wraps Lindsay Lohan Case

Masha Markova Fur Coat Wraps Lindsay Lohan Case

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Remember that Masha Markova fur coat scandal that struck Lindsay Lohan in 2008? Details of that plus the Lauren Hastings scandal are now reportedly at play in the theft investigation against Lindsay Lohan.

In 2008, Masha Markova (and her fur coat) and Lauren Hastings (and her closet of clothes) were the subject of two alleged theft claims against Lindsay Lohan. Now investigators are reportedly considering whether those prior alleged acts can be brought up in a new investigation against Lohan.

In May 2008, Lauren Hastings claimed Lindsay Lohan stole her clothes. As reported on LALATE at the time, Lauren Hastings claimed thousands of dollars of clothes were stolen from her closet by the actress during a party. “Basically, I have two closets, a lot of the stuff was missing out of one and the next closet was almost completely empty,” Hastings told Inside Edition at the time. Lohan’s rep denied the allegations.

But Hastings asserted at the time she had five witnesses.

“They all said they saw Lindsay Lohan basically in my closet, handing a bag of clothes to her bodyguard.” When contacted, Lohan allegedly told Hastings she was “completely delusional”.

But the more notable story was the Masha Markova fur coat scandal (photo HERE) that same year.

In 2008, Masha Markova claimed that Lohan stole her $12,000 golden sheared mink coat at Chelsea nightclub 1 Oak on Jan. 26, 2008. The event was the Starvos Niarchos’s birthday. The Columbia University student eventually filed suit in New York against Lindsay Lohan over that stunning blonde mink coat, a prized gift from her relative, that ironically matched Lohan’s own hair color at the time.

Counsel for both sides eventually headlined national news. “The pictures speak for themselves,” said Merrill Cohen, Markova’s attorney. “They make it seem clear that wrongdoing took place.” “Lindsay did not steal a coat!” says Lohan’s rep Leslie Sloane Zelnick. Details of the case since the initial complaint have not been revealed.

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