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Adrienne Martin, August Busch IV Girlfriend, Overdosed on Oxycodone

Adrienne Martin, August Busch Girlfriend, Overdosed on Oxycodone

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Adrienne Martin aka Adrienne Nicole Martin (photos below) died of an overdose. August Busch IV was Adrienne Martin’s boyfriend at the time, even though the St Louis native has never officially spoken about the couple’s reported relationship. After weeks of waiting, St Louis residents today learned that Adrienne Martin died of an accidental drug overdose. The substance at issue was oxycodone.

A St Louis County Medical Examiner previously determined cocaine and oxycodone was in Martin’s body at the time of her death. But today, that office ruled the cause of death was “Oxycodone Intoxication” and the manner of death was “accident[al]”.

St. Louis County Medical Examiner Mary Case began her investigation shortly after Martin was found dead in Busch’s  Huntleigh mansion. Today Case published her findings in a short written statement.

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Not mentioned today was the time of death. Martin was reported dead on December 19 in Busch’s mansion at  2032 South Lindbergh, but the telephone call was placed 42 minutes after Martin was found. To date, news still has not been informed what day and what time Martin actually died.

Busch’s attorney Art Margulis told St Louis news Wednesday that his client has not been taking the news well since December.

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The St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office has been referred the case by the Medical Examiner’s Office. Prosecutors have not classified the case nor confirmed the status of investigation; they do confirm the investigation remains “open”.

Local news has previously reported that any investigation would have to determine if any third person, if at all, provided Martin the substance. Martin was found dead on December 19 in Busch’s mansion at  2032 South Lindbergh, according to a 911 call released in December.

The official news statement today reads as follows: “Saint Louis County’s Office of the Medical Examiner has completed its investigation into the death of Adrienne Martin and has determined the cause of death to be “Oxycodone Intoxication,” and the manner of death to be “Accident.” That information, along with the complete report, has been forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement agencies investigating this event. ”

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