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Kim Richards Claims Net Worth Funded Kyle Richards but Stole, Sold Her House

Kim Richards Claims Net Worth Funded Kyle Richards but Stole, Sold Her House

BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE) – Kim Richards’ net worth as a childhood actress paid for Kyle Richards and Kyle doesn’t appreciate it, claimed Kim in a shocking accusation last night heating up news still today. Kim Richards doesn’t reveal her net worth in the season finale of Beverly Hills Housewives last night. But Kim is completely clear, both during the filming and narrative-taping, that she made Kyle Richards’ life very comfortable growing up and that Kyle doesn’t appreciate it.

In the 1980s, Kim Richards’ income included Woody Kling’s 1980s scripted sitcom Hello Larry. Richards played on Hello Larry Ruthie Alder for two season. The show appeared as a spinoff of the Gary Coleman series Diff’rnt Strokes on which she also appeared. Between the two shows, Richards appeared in nearly fifty sitcom episodes. Years earlier, she appeared in the cult classic Escape to Witch Mountain as Tia Malone and returned to Race Watch Mountain in 2009.

During the blowup last night, Kim Richards tells viewers that Kyle Richards does not appreciate her. Kim Richards reveals the news that, growing up, she personally paid for her entire family. While Kim doesn’t explain how she was able to do it, the suggestion is from her TV and film roles. Kim tells viewers that she bought Kyle’ first car, bought Kyle’s first house.

In turn, Kyle goes after Kim both professional and personally, saying that Kim has a drinking problem and that their mother went to her grave dealing with Kim’s problems. It remains how viewers will react to Kyle’s words. But the mention of the Richards mother and her deathbed was a bit too much.

But then, came that explosive one-liner. Does Kim say “You sold my house!” or “You stole my house”? The video is below for you to decide.

Kim and Kyle are sitting in the limo when the allegation about real estate erupts. Kyle begins her accusations about their mother’s passing. Then Kim mentions that she bought a car and house for Kyle. Finally as the argument escalates, Kim says that Kyle “stole my house” or “sold my house”. That line puts Kyle over the edge.

Why did that line evoke so much terror from Kyle? Not since “Do not break up my family” or “Do not bring up my family” has Real Housewives has one liner that lacks clarity but evokes conflict.

(On New Jersey’s reunion, Danielle Staub asked Teresa Giudice “Did you acknowledge your nephew?” For days, fans couldn’t figure out if the line  was followed up with “Do not break up my family” or “Don’t bring up my family”.)

As Real Housewives heads into its reunion, one thing is clear. Kim Richards believes that her income growing up as a childhood actor helped her sister and now decades later Kyle doesn’t appreciate that nor emotional support that she has given her own sister over the years.


  1. eileen smolenski

    December 17, 2011 at 8:31 pm

    Please give the fans a break. I look forward to Monday nights and enjoy the show so much, but I cant stand Kim Richards!!! Brandy was correct in saying she was tweaking (crystal Meth) with her non stop talking her behavior,I have to consider changing the channel when I see a drugged uo Kim on the show. Please put her rehab get her a makeover, but please replace her on the show!!!

  2. Nick

    September 29, 2012 at 3:53 am

    Well eileen smolenski, How would you like to have basically supported your entire family since childhood, only to have thier actions proove to you that they were there with there grubby hands out, expecting things, not appreciating it or you.
    Out yourself in her shoes before you judge her.
    I think I would have to be sedated with drugs and booze just to keep from killling somebody lol.

  3. kyle hater

    April 3, 2013 at 5:32 pm

    whether it was ‘stole my house’ or ‘sell my house’, it’s pretty clear kyle did something dishonest. her 15 mins of fame are long over and it’s time she went away….far far away.

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