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Ruby The Heartstealer SCANDAL

Ruby The Heartstealer SCANDAL

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Ruby The Heartstealer (photos below) this week “stole” the verdict in a stunning Silvio Berlusconi scandal case. Ruby The Heartstealer (or Heart Stealer) is latest in Silvio Berlusconi ever evolving scandal of women. But with “Ruby”, Silvio Berlusconi gets more dancer names and more allegations. The only thing consistent are his denials.

First, “Ruby The Heartstealer” is not her real name. Nor is “Ruby Rubacuori”. Her real name is Karima el-Mahroug. But if you live in Milan, you might recognize her behind the wheel of a stunning new Audi or wearing a Damiani diamond necklace. She admits those were all gifts from the Italian leader.

Why is an Italian leader, being divorced by his wife Veronica Lario, lavishing a (then) 17 year old dancer with gifts? She claims he did it simply because he was a father figure. The two deny ever having relations. But she admits reportedly receiving €7,000 in cash.

Ruby Rubacuori Pictures Set 1
Ruby Rubacuori Photo 1
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Silvio Berlusconi, himself, received something this week: a stunning legal defeat. After his government passed in 2010 a “legitimate impediment” law, Berlusconi believed that scandals like this one would not end up in a Court. On Thursday, Italian Courts disagreed.

The case of Ruby The Heartstealer and why she got her gifts is now proceeding.

She eventually was arrested on suspicion of theft. But this month, it was revealed that the Italian leader called up police and said that Ruby The Heartstealer is the grand-daughter of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak.

Ruby Rubacuori Pictures Set 2
Ruby Rubacuori Photo 1
Ruby Rubacuori Photo 2
Ruby Rubacuori Photo 3
Ruby Rubacuori Photo 4

In a news interview last year, Ruby The Heartstealer claimed she attended the Italian leader’s home in Arcore, near Milan. She claims the two didn’t have relations. But she tells Italian news:

“I left before midnight. I told him all my problems. He got very upset and he gave me 7,000 euro and a Damiani necklace. ‘After that evening I never heard from him again….

”I was upset as he was the first man in my life who had not wanted to take me to bed. He was like a father, I swear. Silvio welcomed me with open arms, he invited me into his house. He was so sweet.”

She reportedly is in the country illegally. “He sent me a couple of messages and he said that I had left an impression on him.”

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