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Lynsie Murley Gets TSA Settlement

Lynsie Murley Gets TSA Settlement

CORAL GABLES (LALATE) – Lynsie Murley (photo above) today reveals she won a settlement from TSA after they allegedly exposed her chest and laughed about it. Lynsie Murley had undergone a TSA pat down search at Corpus Christi airport in May 2008. During the stop, TSA allegedly pulled down Lynsie Murley’s blouse to nearly her waist. Travelers all around Lynsie saw her entire chest.

But the alleged horror didn’t end there.

Lynsie Murley’s suit claimed, that after having her blouse yanked down, TSA employees didn’t apologize. Instead, Murley claims TSA employees stood around and even “laugh[ed] about the incident for an extended period of time.”

And there was allegedly even more.

Murley claims she was distraught by the matter, “consoled” by a friend immediately. But when Murley went back into the line, she claims another male TSA employee came over to her. What did the male TSA employee say? Murley claims the male TSA staffer said¬† he was disappointed that he missed her blouse being yanked down. But, the male TSA employee allegedly then said “he would just have to watch the video.”

Murley sued. Her claim was based upon negligence and intention infliction of emotional distress. Today, Murley’s attorney tells MSNBC that his client got a settlement among from TSA. But he says the amount is “nominal”. TSA does not give a comment in the report.

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