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Hosea Chanchez Battles Scandal Photos Leaked

Hosea Chanchez Battles Scandal Photos Leaked

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Hosea Chanchez battled scandal photos leaked online last week, but on Monday Chanchez confirmed the pictures are real during a television interview. Chanchez yesterday joined syndicated talk show host Wendy Williams. During the sit-down interview, Chanchez didn’t expect Williams to confront him about the leaked pictures. Until Williams’ TV interview (taped previously), Chanchez reportedly had neither spoken about the pictures nor confirmed they were true.

Wendy Williams changed that on Monday.

Williams is known for her own unique manner of interviewing guests. So on Monday she told Hosea (“The Game”) that, to prepare for her interview, “[Your pictures were] the last thing I looked at before I came out here today.”

Hosea Chanchez Normal Pictures
Hosea Chanchez Photo 1
Hosea Chanchez Photo 2
Hosea Chanchez Photo 3

Chanchez, polite but embarrassed, appeared displeased by Williams’ remarks. Chanchez then sat as Williams didn’t just discuss the pictures but also the subject of the pictures (brushing his teeth). Williams told Chanchez that, for her, there is nothing more attractive than a man brushing his teeth. His co-star Coby Bell interrupted Williams, effectively getting her off the subject.

It didn’t work.

The website which posted the photos claimed that they were taken by a “popular groupie”. Williams asked where the pictures came from. Castmates Coby Bell, Tia Mowry and Brittany Daniel, disputed that allegation, telling Williams that the pictures were not taken by a person Chanchez knew.

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