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Pecos River Ranch – Val Kilmer Property Relisted After Controversy

Pecos River Ranch - Val Kilmer Property Relisted After Controversy

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Pecos River Ranch, Val Kilmer’s New Mexico property (photos below) that has been the subject of controversy for over two years, is now back on the market. Val Kilmer has relisted Pecos River Ranch after two notable controversies heating up news the last two years and two reports of tax liens against Kilmer by the IRS since 2008.

In the last few years, Kilmer has been the subject of news reports of trying to sell off sections of Pecos River Ranch, even trying to develop the property. Now, just days after news that the IRS has allegedly filed a $498,165 lien against Kilmer in New Mexico, Kilmer is trying another shot with Pecos River Ranch.

In April 2009, LALATE reported that news that Kilmer was trying to sell the 6,000 acre ranch for $33 million. That didn’t happen. Then that same year, Kilmer sought to convert the ranch into a bed and breakfast. That prompted controversy with residents, still angry over remarks Kilmer claims were misstated by news earlier this decade.

Val Kilmer Ranch Pictures
Val Kilmer Ranch Photo 1
Val Kilmer Ranch Photo 2
Val Kilmer Ranch Photo 3
Val Kilmer Ranch Photo 4

Now Pecos River Ranch is back on the market. Kilmer’s real estate agents confirm news that the entire Pecos River Ranch, last year for sale for $33 million, is now for sale for $18.5 million. The property boasts six miles of the Pecos River with forests and canyons.

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  1. Gunt Alot

    July 24, 2012 at 3:01 pm

    After 15 years, we finally quit going to Pecos. The gangs are coming from Alb, Sante Fe, etc to “party”, i.e. drug, fight, etc. It has become dangerous. We “carried” for the several last years, while we fished and hiked. But several have been killed, families robbed while camping..’s a shame for such beautiful country.

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