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Chupacabras – Photos Reignite El Chupacabra Fears

Chupacabras Photos Reignite El Chupacabra Fears

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) –  Fears of the Chupacabra (photos below) aka El Chupacabra are reignited again. A Kentucky farmer’s claims his pictures prove the Chupacabra exists. For researchers, this is the latest in nearly a dozen sightings since 2009. But as reported on LALATE in three years, virtually every U.S. account has been disproven while one notable report out of Mexico remains a mystery.

In 2007, U.S. news was shocked the reported discovery of a Chupacabra here stateside. But testing on the discovered beast determined it was a coyote.

In September 2009, LALATE reported two alleged sightings of the Chupacabra in Blanco, Texas and in Cuero, Texas.  The 2009 sightings bared similarities. The beast had long teeth, a tail light a coyote, no hair, and legs longer than a coyote. But one trait was similar; the beast was never found sucking the blood of goats. The 2009 sightings were reportedly sent to a taxidermist near San Antonio. At the same time the Hall of Horns at the Buckhorn Museum in San Antonio even wanted the remains. Eventually the reports were disproven.

By July 2010, new sightings of the Chupacabra popped up in Florida and Texas. In fact, one bizarre report claimed residents found the Chupacabra in Miami.

By summer 2010, WOAI reported a Fort Worth rancher discovering a possible Chupacabra. The Fort Worth rancher heard a bizarre growl coming from inside his barn. When he entered, he saw one of the worse looking creatures his eyes have ever seen. A call to animal control resulted in the beast being killed. Animal control officer Frank Hackett told local news he was not sure what the beast was. “All I know is, it wasn’t normal. It was ugly, real ugly. I’m not going to tell no lie on that one.”

Eventually the Fort Worth Chupacabra was determined to be a coyote as well.

Chupacabra Pictures Set 1
Chupacabra Photo 1
Chupacabra Photo 2

In 2007, Texas State University’s Mike Forstner tested a believed El Chupacabra. Forstner returned  to test the Texas 2010 animal. He believed what was found is simply a coyote, adding there were only three possibilities: it’s someone’s pet, it’s a coyote, or it’s a hairless dog species.

“Chupacabra” Pictures Set 2
Chupacabra Photo 1
Chupacabra Photo 2
Chupacabra Photo 3
Chupacabra Photo 4
Chupacabra Photo 5

In each U.S. case, the story was often the same. The person reporting the discovery was a farmer who clearly doesn’t watch the news. The farmer would usually claim it was a beast he had never seen before. But news pictures of the beasts found from 2007 to the present all resemble each other.

But then, there was the Puebla, Mexico report in September 2010. That month, residents of Puebla, Mexico and Felix Martinez, president of Colonia San Martin, believed they found the Chupacabra. And the difference was this time …. goats were found slaughtered.

Martinez in September gave interviews to Argon Mexico ( with pictures that show a field of goats, their necks chopped open. Even blood appeared to have been drained. It prompted local community leaders in Puebla to set up watch groups to protect their livestock this fall.

Reports in Puebla claimed that shepherds had found  300 goats slaughtered, with their necks cut open, in just fifty days.

Is today’s latest sighting out of Kentucky real? It remains unclear. But of all the alleged sightings in three years, the only convincing one show remains still the Puebla report.

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