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Adrienne Nicole Martin 911 Call Was Delayed

Adrienne Nicole Martin 911 Call Was Delayed

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Adrienne Nicole Martin (photos below) was dating August Busch IV when she died in his Huntleigh mansion last Sunday, but her death was not reported by local police until uncovered by St Louis news. Today, more questions about the unexplained death of Adrienne Nicole Martin are surfacing in St Louis.

First, the time of death for Adrienne Nicole Martin is still
. A local medical examiner’s office says they won’t have the answer for weeks. It remains unknown if anyone at the Busch residence or the  Frontenac Police Department known the answer. The Frontenac Police Department has refused to answer news questions on the case nor grant an interview.

Second, Adrienne Nicole Martin was reported last seen alive inside the Busch mansion at 3:30 am confirms the St. Louis County medical examiner’s office. It would not confirm who last saw her alive. It remains unknown is Busch was even in the residence, let alone in town.

Third, Adrienne Nicole Martin did not die of an illness (or trauma) reported the St. Louis County medical examiner’s office. But her ex husband, a doctor, says Martin did suffer from the heart condition Long QT syndrome. He says he learned of the condition during their marriage and that she refused treatment. He claims the condition could be fatal.

Adrienne Martin Pictures Set 1
Adrienne Martin Photo 1

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Fourth,  Adrienne Nicole Martin was found dead on December 19 at 12:30 pm by an unidentified person inside the Busch mansion. But a 911 call reported, not a death, but an “unresponsive person”. The call was not placed at 12:30 pm but 42 minutes later at 1:12 pm.

Adrienne Martin Pictures Set 2
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Fifth, Busch has yet to comment about the matter and has yet to appear in public. But Martin’s ex husband tells news Friday that Busch, who he says is a “good man”, personally called him Sunday to report her death.

Finally, the Martin family and the Busch family in the 2800 block of South Lindbergh Boulevard have not commented about the matter. Busch’s attorney says the death was tragic and that “there is absolutely nothing suspicious” about her death.

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