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Adrienne Nicole Martin PHOTOS

Adrienne Nicole Martin PHOTOS

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Adrienne Nicole Martin (photos below) and August Busch were dating, claims St Louis news. Adrienne Nicole Martin, a Hooters model had previously proudly competed in bikini swimsuit competitions, beauty pageants, and even beer commercials.

But on Sunday, the mother of an eight-year old was found dead in her reported boyfriend’s mansion.

The St Louis Post Dispatch reports that Martin, divorced in 2009, was dating August Busch, divorced in 2008. He’s 47, she was 27. On Sunday shortly after 1 pm, Martin was found dead inside Busch’s mansion. The Post Dispatch reports that home is in the 2800 block of South Lindbergh Boulevard in Huntleigh,  a section of St Louis.

Adrienne Martin Pictures Set 1
Adrienne Martin Photo 1

Adrienne Martin Photo 2

Adrienne Martin Photo 3

Today, friends of Martin are mourning the loss of a mother who was an avid painter and involved in her community.

Several unusual items remain at play Friday. The death occurred Sunday but was not picked up by news until the Post Dispatch broke the story Thursday. August Busch has yet to comment about the death, instead having an Clayton-based attorney (who practices criminal defense) comment on the matter.

Adrienne Martin Pictures Set 2
Adrienne Martin Photo 4

Adrienne Martin Photo 5

Adrienne Martin Photo 6

Martin’s cause of death did not involve trauma or illness. But the Post Dispatch reports that the case “was initially being investigated as a possible overdose”.  Art Margulis representing Busch said “I can tell you there is absolutely nothing suspicious about her passing.” Yet he would not confirm if he or his client knew of Martin’s cause of death.

Martin was last married to Dr. Kevin J. Martin of Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Yet, even today, the Post Dispatch is questioning why the death was not reported to the news media until it learned of the details on Thursday. Frontenac Police Chief Tom Becker defended the delay claiming that he needed authorization from the city attorney before confirming the death. Becker claims he didn’t have an obligation to report the death until local news contacted his office for comment.

Among the unusual aspects were the errors by Becker’s office. Becker reported the death as Saturday, then corrected himself and reported the death as happening on Sunday.  Busch, his attorney, and Becker have yet to comment if Busch was home at the time of Martin’s death.

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