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Miley Cyrus Battles New Leaked Photos Allegations

Miley Cyrus Battles New Leaked Photos Allegations

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Miley Cyrus is facing new leaked photos again tonight; but this time Cyrus’ leaked pictures appear real. New Miley Cyrus pictures leaked Thursday, far different from the fake pictures on December 2. This time, the poses are suggestive, and an alleged female friend heats up one of the pictures with a notable gesture.

Cyrus has battled multiple alleged leaked photo scandals in the last two years of her career. On December 2, a Canadian blogger wrongly identified Miley Cyrus as the subject of leaked photos online. As soon as the pictures hit, fans and news sites were split as to whether they depicted Cyrus or just another random female. The hair was wrong and the tattoo was missing. By afternoon, news confirmed that the pictures were not of Cyrus. The subject was instead a Canadian woman trying to look like Cyrus.

Now today, December 23, a new round of leaked pictures have hit U.S. websites. This time there are reportedly two pictures. The  photos appear to be from two different occasions but in a social setting. One picture is clearly Cyrus revealing an edge of her bra and her tattoo standing up with friends. The other picture is possibly Cyrus on a sofa; in that picture a female friend makes a suggestive pose to Cyrus’ body.

Alleged Cyrus Leaked Pictures (Edited)
Photo 1

Photo 2

Cyrus has yet to comment about the latest matter. Cyrus also chose to not comment on the Salvia Divinorum Herb scandal earlier this month.

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