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Faye Resnick Playboy PHOTOS Fume Housewives

Faye Resnick Playboy Photos Fume Housewives

BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE) – Faye Resnick’s Playboy pictures fumed the Real Housewives last night. But in bizarre irony, Camille Grammer, who posed for Playboy photos of her own starting in 1993, got angry at Faye Resnick for her own Playboy spread a year later.

Camille Grammer used Real Housewives’ “medium” to launch a former Bunny versus Bunny tirade against Faye Resnick last night. It was like nothing ever broadcasted on Bravo. In one corner was the Playboy model who used her MTV cult status on Club MTV to propel her popularity for Hef’s publication (Camille Grammer). In the other corner was the Playboy model who used her notoriety in the Nicole Brown Simpson trial to ink a spread with Hef (Faye Resnick).

Faye Resnick Pictures
Faye Resnick Photo 1

Faye Resnick Photo 2

Faye Resnick Photo 3

Faye Resnick Photo 4

Camille Grammer went after Resnick for using a murder trial, of her friend, to promote herself. But, perhaps hidden in that subtext, is the revelation that now nearly 15 years later, despite Camille being married Kelsey Grammer, it’s the Faye Resnick spread that everyone remembers, not the handful of issued that Camille appeared for.

OJ Simpson once gave the notable remark about Faye Resnick. When asked if he knew who killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, Simpson said “that the answer to these murders are in the world of Faye Resnick.”

Camille Grammer Pictures
Camille Grammer Photo 1

Camille Grammer Photo 2

Camille Grammer Photo 3

Also joining the cast last night was the peculiar Allison Dubois, the inspiration behind the show “Medium”. Adding the expresion “know that” to the end of every sentence, Dubois was so bizarre that Denise Richards later told chatter Andy Cohen that Dubois was clearly “from another planet”.


  1. Frank Patterson

    December 17, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    I listened to every single piece of evidence in the trial and am convinced that Faye Resnick was the target that night and not Nicole who probably told the men looking for Faye to kiss off and received their message!

  2. Jane Smith

    March 24, 2013 at 9:47 am

    I recently saw a show on a serial killer
    Named Glen Rogers. He killed several
    women in more than one state. His
    signature was the very deep throat cut
    He had spent time in California and was
    there at the time of the killings. He was
    acquainted with Nicole by way of Faye
    He was Fay’s d ler. One story told
    after his being caught was that Faye had
    been the target and Goldman was a surprise
    Rogers being surprised by Goldmans
    presence was forced to deal with him by
    Stabbing and then Nicole came out and
    saw Rogers grabbed her stabbing and
    cutting her throat. He moved back and forth
    between the victims at least once and
    Possibly more accounting for the extreme
    mess. Although this story is not well
    Known I do believe it as a PI was able to
    trace a pair of earrings Rogers said he took
    and pawned as well there was a hold angle
    pin he took. He gave the angle pin to his
    Mother. During his trial for the murder he
    Had been caught for he asked his mother
    to come wearing a certain best or some
    clothing item along with the gold angle pin
    Pictures taken during this trial of his mother
    include the gold angle pin worn by her as
    requested by her son Glen Rogers.
    Faye ram with this type he was her d
    de and she was to be the target. Goan
    total wrong place wrong time. It is unknown
    if his plan included killing Nicole with Faye
    but Faye lucked out not being there that
    night. Morally corrupt??? I kind of want to
    think at least a little bit wish she would crawl
    Back under her rock.

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