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How to Watch the Pacquiao Fight?

How to Watch the Pacquiao Fight

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Not sure how to watch the Pacquiao tonight? There are several ways to see the Pacquiao fight tonight, at least one way for free. In advance of tonight’s Pacquiao vs Magarito fight, Pacquiao told news “You train hard and do your job there is no distraction about that.”

But when asked if this is last fight, Manny said no. He told news that he is not thinking about retirement. “No, the political career has not affected my boxing career.”

“I have time for politics and I have time for boxing. Right now my focus is still into boxing. Once I get into training there is full focus on the fight so I am ready. No retirement. Not yet. I can still fight.”

Magarito says of tonight’s fight “Boxing is one of those books that continues to be written and nothing is set in stone. I just go fight as much as possible and see how it plays out. Every time you step in the ring, everything is on the line. Your life is on the line. Everything is on the line. In every fight your life is on the line. When you go in there, you try to do your best to win and out everything you can into it.

For fans wanting to watch tonight’s fight, there are several options.

First, live tickets are still available for local residents. Remaining seats still are available for $50 at the Cowboys Stadium ticket office in Arlington.

Second, HBO viewers can see the fight on PPV purchase. Promoted by Top Rank, in association with Cowboys Stadium, MP Promotions and Tecate, the fight kicks off tonight at 9 PM EST, 6 PM EST.

Third, Direct TV customers can see the fight on PPV purchase, still available this afternoon. DirectTV channels are 123 for SD and 124 for HD.

Finally, most of your local establishments that carry boxing or UFC fights will also carry tonight’s fight, free of charge. For Los Angeles residents, Cabo Cantina is tonight offering the fight for no cover starting at 6 pm PST.

Start time: 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST
Channels: 123 (SD) and 124 (HD), HBO
SAP available
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