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Prop 19 Results – Proposition 19 Defeated in California

Prop 19 Results - Proposition 19 Defeated in California

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Prop 19 results ended the night just as it started it. California’s Proposition 19 measure was narrowly defeated, far closer than many of the states top races including U.S. Senate. Last night across national election coverage TV broadcasts, Prop 19 remained one of the most widespread covered measures of this midterm election.

Of the nearly seven million votes cast on Tuesday, Prop 9 loss by roughly five hundred thousand votes, eight percent. Carly Fiorina loss by ten percent of the vote to Barbara Boxer in the Senate race. In other races, Dave Jones won the Insurance Commissioner race by a thirteen percent margin; incumbent John Chiang won the controller’s race by nearly twenty percent margin; and Debra Bowen was re-elected Secretary of State by a fifteen percent margin.

On other propositions, prop 25, prop 22, and prop 20 passed last night.

In the governor’s race, Jerry Brown defeated Meg Whitman.¬† Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger released a news statement¬† congratulating Jerry Brown.

“Congratulations to Attorney General Jerry Brown on his hard-fought campaign and his victory tonight. Jerry has demonstrated his commitment to the people of California throughout a lifetime of public service as Governor, Mayor of Oakland and Attorney General, and I pledge to work with his incoming administration to provide the most efficient and smooth transition of power possible for the people of California.”

One race still Wednesday remains too close to call. Kamala Harris (Dem) leads Steve Cooley (GOP) in the race for Attorney General by less than 100,000 votes with 93% of precincts reporting.

Democratic mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsom won for lieutenant governor of California. He told a crowd last night “Abel Maldonado took the helm of the Lieutenant Governor’s Office during a brief and challenging time. He is to be thanked for his service. As your next Lieutenant Governor, I will spare no effort and waste no time. I am ready to hit the ground running. I am prepared to be Lieutenant Governor for every Californian — helping to steer our state through its toughest storms.”

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  1. Alabama Guy

    November 3, 2010 at 2:47 pm

    doesn’t matter if it was passed or not. people will always still smoke it. in a way i am glad it didn’t pass. 10% tax is a f ing ridiculous tax. not to mention for such limitations. 1 oz tops, a certain number of plants per household. Ridiculous. LEGALIZE IT ALL THE D MN WAY and only charge about 5% if that taxing it. It will get a lot of money towards it, no need to be greedy bastards for 10% tax.

  2. 420 IQ

    November 3, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    Can we finally make progress and legalize this d mn plant already? Do legislators really feel as though legalizing we d would increase the amount of users because that’s entirely false. Whether it is legal, or illegal, those who enjoy the plant will still smoke regardless. The only difference would be either fattening the pockets of dangerous Mexican dr g cartels or saving California’s economy from going bankrupt. IF ANYTHING, at least legalize it for several years that way you can earn millions in tax revenues, and THEN make it “illegal” once again. By the way, in my opinion it practically is legal as it is. You need a medical mar ana card to smoke for medicinal purposes, yet all it takes to obtain one is to claim a very minor ailment such as anxiety or stress and VOILA! You now are able to buy and smoke mari na freely. I think Proposition 19 should be viewed as a ‘rough draught’ that is yet to be passed into legislation. THOUGH the polished and final copy will be ready to be passed into law by 2012. FYI I felt as though I was in a depression for several years of my life. If I were to have gone to a doctor where I live, we all know I’d be prescribed addictive dr gs that are basically synthetic he ne such as Z loft and other painkillers which would’ve led to greater problems. Instead I chose to self medicate by smoking p under my own discretion and several years later I can say that I’m perfectly happy and content with myself. I do not recommend this for everyone, yet I would say it’s a much better alternative than alcohol or d s. Even my doctor felt it should be legalized. And that was exactly 10 years ago!

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