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Chad Ochocinco is Losing on TV

Chad Ochocinco is Losing on TV

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Chad Ochocinco is having a losing season, on TV. Chad Ochocinco’s new show with T.O. prompted its stars and network to call it a new “genre” of television history. Countless news outlets have praised Chad Ochocinco as a brilliant media manipulator, able to get channels, fans, and online viewers to focus on him with just a mere tweet.

About 100,000 people might agree with that.

That was all that turned into see his show on Tuesday, one of the lowest viewed tv shows of this season, and certainly one of the worse ever for a celebrity hosted program. The show’s ratings share was a mere 0.1 ratings share. His competitors that night (that didn’t even finish top in the ratings) pulled in 1.0+ ratings share and over one million viewers.

Versus programming vice president Andy Meyer had told news that his Batman and Robin show would be a projected hit. T.O. had bragged to news just weeks ago that everyone would tune in, calling the show “an opportunity [to] two of loudest mouths who’ve been in the league.” Ochocinco had said the show would cover the NBA to the NFL adding “Do you understand how dangerous this is for us to have a stage like this?”

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