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Yonni Barrios – Chilean Miner’s Mistress Susana Valenzuela Won’t Get Reward

Yonni Barrios - Chilean Miner Mistress Susana Valenzuela Won't Get Reward

COPIAPO, CHILE (LALATE) – Yonni Barrios, the Chilean miner with the mistress, has learned Susana Valenzuela share the rescue award, instead his wife Marta Salinas will. Yonni Barrios Rojas (nicknamed by English news as Johnny Barrios) was awarded, like all the other miners, a sum of money following his rescue. As Latin American news is reporting, five million pesos (about $9,803) is being given to each rescued Chilean miner by millionaire businessman Leonardo Farkas. But who would share the money with Yonni Barrios?

Latin American news is reporting that the wife (esposa) and the mistress (amante) had discussed the Farkas gift (regaló); they decided that the wife Salinas will receive it.

When Yonni Barrios emerged from the cave, Valenzuela was described by Latin news as only “timidly approaching” the miner “tímidamente al minero”. The couple had two kisses, on the cheeks, and a long whisper.  In a moment, Valenzuela had become the world’s most famous mistress, her meeting with the miner broadcast live around the world to millions of viewers.

Yet, Latin news is still finding new details in the Barrios story. Barrios, 50, became the doctor of the group. Latin news has now learned how Barrios earned such medical knowledge; as a youth after his mother became afflicted with diabetes, Barrios and his eight brothers learned quickly how to tend to their sick mother in times of need.

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Additionally, Latin news has now revealed that the mistress was not a surprise to the wife. Yonni Barrios was separated for several years and already living with Valenzuela full time, says reports.

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Yonni’s wife told news this week “I’m happy because it saved is a miracle of God, but I’m not going to watch the rescue. He asked me, but it also invited the other lady and I have decency. The thing is clear: her or me”. She decided not to attend his rescue yesterday.

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