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kristi noem photos

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Kristi Noem (photos below) is being called the “hottest Republican House candidate” by ABC News. While Kristi Noem is clearly photo-ready, ABC means that the 38-year old rancher is the hottest candidate when it comes to raising funds this election season. In three months, Kristi Noem has raised a stunning $1.1 million, double that of her opponent. As ABC notes, Kristi Noem ‘s fundraising will go a long way in the South Dakota market where tv air time is less expensive.

But is Kristi Noem the next Sarah Palin? Noem is smart. She says she doesn’t want association with political leaders from other states because her focus is on the issued at home. And voters are noticing. In the primary, Kristi Noem won 70% of the Republican vote.

Kristi Noem Pictures
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Noem is from Castlewood, S.D. And despite her appearance and views as being similar to Sarah Palin, Noem tells ABC she doesn’t want the association. Noem’s cash reserve reportedly stands at $777,000; her opponent is at $500,000.

Her opponent says of Noem “is no picnic for South Dakota either.” She also slams Noem for going 94 mph on Interstate 90 earlier this year. She tells ABC “If you can’t responsibly take care of your own business, I think it calls into question the level of responsibility you take in other matters.”

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  1. Shecky

    February 14, 2011 at 10:08 am

    Mind-numbing. So now a speeding ticket is criteria for being unfit for public service?
    Politicians today are an absolute disgrace. At no time in our history has the quality of person in elected office been lower than it is right now.
    Please just quit. All of you.

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