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Krystal Ball PHOTOS

Krystal Ball PHOTOS

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Krystal Ball (photos below) learned that leaked Santa Clause pictures online from a costume party were being used to smear her campaign for office. Now Krystal (not Crystal) Ball is furious while her opponent is dancing away from accusations.

Krystal Ball appears in suggestive positions in the series of pics. The pictures are not new, over half a decade old. But now Ball is now running for Virginia’s legislature and says the leaking of her photos are the results of a campaign move by her opponent.

He disagrees.

Krystal Ball Normal Pictures
Krystal Ball Photo 1

Krystal Ball Photo 2

Krystal Ball Photo 3

Krystal Ball Photo 4

Krystal Ball appears online in a series of  Santa snaps. The Santa Clause pictures aren’t from Christmas. The photos were snapped during a costume party six years ago in which Ms. Ball became Mrs. Clause.

Ball is wearing a leotard, often appears with her tongue stuck out. In some, she is dragging a man by the leash. Krystal Ball has since identified the man in her pics as her ex-hsuband. Some of the photos promoted ITK to write it “will refrain from providing additional details”. In fact, some of the pics are relatively tame to begin with.

So where did the pics come from? Krystal Ball says the leaked pictures came from opponent, Rep Rob Wittman (R-Ra). Wittman denies the allegation and has asked for their removal.

Ball has denounced the photos. “[Any] young woman who is thinking about running for office and has ever attended a costume party with her husband or done anything stupid on camera, don’t be deterred, run for office.” She’s right. Many politicians make a living of doing stupid things on camera once in office.

“I’m a wife, mother, a CPA and a small-business owner. When I stepped up to run for this seat, I knew that our politics had deteriorated to viciousness”.

Ball’s election is coming up, after Halloween.


  1. Richard Stuart

    July 17, 2012 at 1:24 pm

    So I listened to your next Segment, Martin Bashir
    I listened to Martin, actually telling the lady he was interview – just what she should say! WOW now that is really unbiased!

    YOU guys need to learn what balance really means YOU all clearly don’t understand the term. YOU are “Organzing the Uneducated” – Obama in Chicago! Martin’s segment is a SHAME!!@

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