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Jenn Sterger Brett Favre Scandal Allegations Returns

Jenn Sterger Brett Favre Scandal Allegations Returns

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Brett Favre Jenn Sterger (photos below) scandal that erupted in August is back again with new allegations, new pictures, and now a voice mail on Deadspin. Brett Favre last summer was silent on the Jenn Sterger allegations that involved those notable Crocs shoes; it was all the result of an interview between Sterger and the website’s reporter. During that interview, the conversation took an unlikely turn. After it, Favre had no comment. In fact, at the time, Favre wasn’t commenting much about anything, having not decided if he was done with the NFL or set to return to the Vikings.

But this time critics are walking all over the “leaked” tapes as possibly fake.

In August, Jenn Sterger sat down with a Deadspin reporter. “We later had a phone conversation about who some of the more well-known [phone]-shot senders were. One person, she claimed, who was very into cell phone-[actions] was none other than Brett Favre.”A.J. Daulerio, who was interviewing the Maxim and Playboy model, was surprised by the revelation.

Jenn Sterger Pictures Set 1
Jenn Sterger Photo 1
Jenn Sterger Photo 2
Jenn Sterger Photo 3

Over the summer, Jenn Sterger claimed the photos were during the time Brett was with the Jets and she was a sideline reporter. Sterger says she also got weird voice mails, one of which she played only for the Deadspin reporter.

Today that changed when audio tapes of those alleged conversations hit Deadspin with “revealing” pictures of a person the website questions is Favre.

During the audio, you hear clearly an older man, who sounds pretty worn out, trying to win the affections of a reporter through the wonders of text messaging. He keeps on telling the woman to text him and join him in his hotel. But is it Favre? He talks with an accent, he is determined. Online reaction is definitely split.

Jenn Sterger Pictures Set 2
Jenn Sterger Photo 4
Jenn Sterger Photo 5
Jenn Sterger Photo 6

In the first message, the male says “Jen – just got done with practice, got meetings here, in a couple more hours I’m going back to the hotel to just chill, so send me a text, um, cause … Ill be in the hotel for a couple of hours … come over tonight … but uh, … but …if you, might give you my number, or … gimme a text, love to see you tonight, take to you later by.”

A.J. Daulerio had heard the alleged recordings over the summer.  His reaction at the time was “But gray-haired Favre?” In the second message, the male calls back and asks Jenn to his hotel room again. “Okay, we’ll im still at practice… if you can make it, great, later.”

Favre again has no comment today.

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