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Mondo Guerra Reveals He’s HIV Positive

Mondo Guerra Reveals He's HIV Positive

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Project Runway’s season 8 episode 10 midway revealed contestant Mondo Guerra is HIV positive. Mondo’s revelation came to viewers first, not fellow contestants nor judges, per the editing choices of the production.
When confronted with a challenge to created his own textile pattern drawing up his life, Mondo chose a particular purple geometric pattern.

Other contestants and then judges were left guessing the meaning behind the pattern. Mondo, however, explained it directly to viewers in taped segments. Lifetime’s introduction of the storyline was excellently produced. It was not overly dramatized, and it gave it front and center for viewers to see early on in the episode.

Mondo, like other contestants last night, was allocated roughly $100 of fabric to complement his textile. The result was a top and bottom of both geometric clashes. On the top, slashes of silver and blacks were employed in a blouse. On the bottom, high waistline 1960s0inspired pants carried the purple geometric design.

To fellow contestants, it appeared Mondo has simply draw upon something retro. In truth, it had much more meaning.

Earlier, Mondo was shown at his work station, battling the choice of which geometry to use in the creation of his textile. A fellow contestant tried to give her advice, but admitted Mondo would not open up to tell his story behind his textile.

When Mondo and fellow designers hit the runway, it was a show of personalities rather than patterns. Lackluster designs caused Nina Garcia to call it a boring show. The designs were boring, not the stories.

When Mondo was left for the end to showcase his pattern, Nina appeared to jab at Mondo for using a geometry that doesn’t say anything to the viewer, until explained. And before that explanation came a dramatic pause and then a cut to commercial.

While Heidi Klum, fashion designer Michael Kors, and Marie Claire fashion director Nina Garcia are back in this eighth season, Project Runway has taken new life on Lifetime. Irrespective of Mondo’s revelation, his talents have dominated this competition. A week that sent Valerie home after the elimination of Ivy, and showed that designers can express themselves even through a textile, episode 10 proved that this series just continues to get better.

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