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Yamille Herrera PHOTOS

Yamille Herrera PHOTOS

MEXICO CITY (LALATE) – The Yamille Herrera (photos below) claims told to TV Notas are being disputed by Carlos Salcido. Yamille Herrera is a transvestite (travesti) who claims she drank with soccer stars Carlos Vela and Salcido. Yamille Herrera also claims she had relations with Salcido.

Carlos Salcido disputes the allegations and is ready to sue.

Yamille “Gem” Herrera says Salcido didn’t know that she was a he. Herrera claims Salcido personally invited her to a party after Fulham’s win against Colombia on September 7. Herrera asserts that the two met on Facebook. But after that September 7 date, Herrera says she told Salcido “I’m not a girl.”

Yamille Herrera Pictures Set 1
Yamille Herrera Photo 1
Yamille Herrera Photo 2
Yamille Herrera Photo 3

Herrera claims she apologized to Salcido’s wife Martha Fabiola Arena saying “no era hacerle daño a nadie” (my intention was not to hurt anyone). “This must be very hard for his wife. It was never my intention to hurt anyone. I regret it a great deal.”

Herrera makes her revelation this week also to “TV Notas”. She was asked if the two had relations. Her response was “yes”. Herrera told TV Notas “He was very shocked. Imagine! He was very surprised, asking, ‘Why didn’t you tell me?'”

Yamille Herrera Pictures Set 2
Yamille Herrera Photo 4
Yamille Herrera Photo 5
Yamille Herrera Photo 6

Salcido has called it all lies. “This situation has already passed into the hands of the lawyer. We’ll see what happens.” The soccer star added “If there is a fine to pay, I will accept it. I offer a personal apology, but the papers say we hired 15 [working women] including a transvestite – and that did not happen. We had a few drinks, but that is as far as it went.”

Decio de Maria Serrano, Secretary of the Mexican FA, issued the following statement to news. “We will carry out an evaluation and collect information. Nobody is justifying (what happened), but nor should we make it bigger than it is. We are public personalities and must behave properly because there are people who will evaluate us and make judgments.”

Padre Alberto was the last notable TVNotas scandal that erupted into U.S. news and on LALATE back in May of 2009.

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