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Seth Walsh And Asher Brown – Suicides from Bullying Rising

Seth Walsh And Asher Brown - Suicides from Bullying Rising

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Seth Walsh joins Asher Brown and Billy Lucas as the third teen to commit suicide this month because of high school bullying. Seth Walsh was a 13 year from Tehachapi, California that killed himself after enduring relentless bullying in school. And like Asher Brown (picture above), Seth’s calls for help were not heard.

Walsh was a student at Jacobsen Middle School. Reports in the claim, again, that the school allegedly knew that Walsh was be bullying and did nothing to do about it, while boasting they had an anti-bullying program.

Walsh had enough and decided this month to hang himself from a tree. Last night, after nine days on life support, Walsh passed. Billy Lucas, 15, Asher Brown, 13, and among the others that have taken their lives because of being “bullied to death”. Yet, statistics remain lacking as to how many cases of bullying are in today’s schools.

Just last night, LALATE reported on the death of Brown. His family couldn’t afford him tennis shoes in perfect condition; his clothes weren’t designer labels; and Brown found self fault with the fact that he was short. He was kicked, tripped, taunted, and laughed at by the bullies. They teased him about his clothes, about his shoes, about his height, and about being gay. His parents claim they contacted his school constantly, even sending them an email to watch out for more bullying.

The school upon Asher Brown’s death said they had never heard from his parents about bullying concerns, never knew about the bullying in the school halls. Perhaps the school officials didn’t open their eyes. When local news KRIV-TV Channel 26 asked students and parents if they knew about Brown being bullying, they said absolutely.

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