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Rutgers Mourns Suicide of Tyler Clementi

Rutgers Mourns Suicide of Tyler Clementi

NEW YORK (LALATE) – The Rutgers suicide of Tyler Clementi (photo below) following a cyber bullying by Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei is leaving a nation questioning what is happening on our campuses. News of Tyler Clementi’s suicide follows an alarming trend among teens to commit suicide when confronted with hatred from fellow classmates.

Today, a nation has learned of four teens, bullied to death, in just the first month of school this year.

The teens were  being taunted, mocked, or bullied by classmates, ridiculed about everything from their significant other to their height to even the quality of their tennis shoes.  It calls into question what was happening on these campuses.

Rutgers Pictures: Tyler Clemente Case
Rutgers Photo 1
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Dharum Ravi alerted fellow Rutgers students to watch his gay roommate have relations via a hidden webcam. Asher Brown’s bully solicited fellow classmates to kick him down a flight of stars, toss his books, and push him further. Seth Walsh couldn’t stand the mockery anymore; he hung himself.

And yet for every school, as in the case of Asher Brown, that failed to act on information of bullying, there are others where fellow students didn’t report the conduct. Where are the students who watch, mocked, and or didn’t report the conduct?

Molly Wei and Dharum Ravi weren’t the only students who engaged in mocking Tyler Clemente. Ravi tweeted to others, invited others to iChat with him, posted pictures for others to see.

When Tyler Clemente entered Rutgers as a teen freshman just weeks ago, he never thought that his roommate would turn on a hidden webcam, remotely, from Molly Wei’s room, and live stream him having relations for other Rutgers students to watch.

Billy Lucas was 15, Asher Brown was 13, Seth Walsh was 13. And while Clemente was 18, teens can be bullied at any age and often feel left with no one to turn to. Asher Brown turned to his parents. His parents claim they turned to his school for help. And yet, no help was allegedly given.

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  1. MChristineB

    September 30, 2010 at 11:27 am

    To me, it is not so much ‘what is happening on campus?’ To me, it is about how these kids were raised – what is happening in the homes of children to cause such apathy? I’ve watched the MTV show ‘If You Only Knew Me’ and I think that programs such as this one should be required in every school but more than that; people, raise your children better!!! Raise them with compassion for others, raise them to know that there is a big world, beyond themselves, raise them to know and care about their relatives, pets, neighbors, old people, young people, animals. GEEESH, it’s not rocket science!!!!

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