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Dez Bryant Dinner Ends in $54896 Rookie Lesson

Dez Bryant Dinner Ends in $54896 Rookie Lesson

DALLAS (LALATE) – Dez Bryant’s $54896 dinner tab was the rookie’s “lesson” for not picking up pads during a Dallas Cowboys training camp. Dez Bryant made news in the pre-season for failing to meet rookie demands. In contrast to Tim Tebow who gladly had his haircut as St Francis of Assisi, Dez Bryant thought he could just walk way from a request for his pads to be carried.

Instead, on Monday night, Bryant walked into Pappas Brothers. He exited with a $54,896 dinner tab. (Of note, some news reports say Bryant paid the bill solely, while team tweets suggest all the offensive team rookies may have paid for it.)

Bill Parcells made news when he had Terence Newman get him water every practice practice in 2003. Bill Belichick made Laurence Maroney get partitions set up between offense and defense every game his first 2006 season.

Memorable team tweets from dinner included Miles Austin: “Food is crazy here.” Jesse Holley wrote “Woke up this morning and scramble me some cheese eggs to go w/ my left over 20oz Kobe steak from last night”. And Felix Jones before the dinner said “Our offensive rookies are buying dinner … I remember those days. Sure don’t miss them the least bit.”

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