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Irma Nici PHOTOS

Irma Nici PHOTOS

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Irma Nici (photos below) appears, insert, with David Beckham on the new In Touch Magazine. The David Beckham Irman Nici cover reads “Beckham Caught… the ultimate betrayal”. It goes on to claim the caption “I could see why’d he’d be unhappy”.

David Beckham has vehemently denied the allegations. His rep says In Touch Magazine’s allegations are “completely untrue and totally ridiculous, as the magazine was clearly told before publication. Sadly we live in a world where a magazine can print lies and believe they can get away with it.”

The In Touch Magazine allegations come just weeks after fellow soccer star Wayne Rooney has been battling his own allegations from Jennifer Thompson.

Irma Nici Pictures Set 1
Irma Nici Photo 1
Irma Nici Photo 2
Irma Nici Photo 3

Irma Nici Pictures Set 2
Irma Nici Photo 4
Irma Nici Photo 5
Irma Nici Photo 6

The Rooneys have said of their own matter “It is impossible for us, as it would be for any family, to attempt to resolve any issues in the current media glare and against the backdrop of so many inaccurate and intrusive stories. We would therefore ask that the media now respects our privacy and the right of our family to discuss these matters in private.”

Jennifer Thompson Pictures
Jennifer Thompson Photo 1

In 2004, Wayne Rooney, following allegations about Charlotte Glover and Gina McCarrick, reportedly issued a public apology saying he was just “young and immature” at the time.

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