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Giovana Huidobro PHOTOS

Giovana Huidobro PHOTOS

CHICAGO (LALATE) – Giovana Huidobro (bikini photos below), aka Giovanna Huidobro, was alleged “mistress” to Congressmen Jesse Jackson Jr, claims ABC News tonight. “Affair” and “mistress” are words Jackson is not using tonight; rather former “social acquaintance” is how Jackson refers to Huidobro, without explanation.

Giovana Huidobro is mentioned in a Chicago Sun Times article Tuesday As ABC News reports, “Huidobro is a hostess at a Washington, D.C. nightclub where Congressman Jackson, Jr. reportedly has held fundraisers. Jackson, Jr.’s mistress was revealed on the front page of the daily newspaper hours before his politician wife’s birthday party.”

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Jackson’s statement Tuesday says “The reference to a social acquaintance is a private and personal matter between me and my wife that was handled some time ago. I know I have disappointed some supporters and for that I am deeply sorry.”

Ron Blagojevich said of the scandal back in December 2008 “I have done nothing wrong. And I’m not going to quit a job that people hired me to do because of false accusations and a political lynch mob….I will fight. I will fight. I will fight until I take my last breath …. Merry Christmas, happy holidays.”

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The question tonight is whether Jackson has done something wrong regarding Obama’s former Senate seat. The name at the center of today’s report is a familiar one: Raghuveer Nayak. In 2008, the Chicago Tribune claimed Raghuveer Nayak was allegedly part of the Jesse Jackson Jr senate seat sale. Raghuveer Nayak allegedly hosted a Blagojevich event on Halloween (ironically) October 31 in which he told patrons of the event they need to raise $1 million for Blago so that Jackson was appointed to the senate, claimed the paper in 2008.

Tonight’s report focuses on Nayak again. The Chicago Sun-Times reports today that Nayak, a political fund-raiser, in 2008 told Feds that Jackson instructed him to offer then Gov. Rod Blagojevich money for Obama’s vacate Senate seat in exchange for a Jackson appointment. The Sun Times reports today that Nayak told Feds in 2008 that Jackson told him to offer Blagojevich $6 million.

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Jackson denies the allegations.

“The allegations about fund-raising and the Senate seat are not new. I’ve already talked with the authorities about these claims, told them they were false, and no charges have been brought against me.

“The very idea of raising millions of dollars for a campaign other than my own is preposterous,” Jackson’s statement said. “My interest in the Senate seat was based on years of public service, which I am proud of, not some improper scheme with anyone.”

Huidobro comes up in the Nayak matter as well reportedly. Nayak claims Jackson told him to pay to fly Giovanna from DC to Chicago twice, and that Nayak did. “I know I have disappointed some supporters, and for that I am deeply sorry. But I remain committed to serving my constituents and fighting on their behalf” says Jackson tonight.

Huidobro has yet to comment about the matter. Jackson is married to wife Sandi.


  1. T-Bone

    September 25, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    Behind Closed Doors, Jesse pump Angry Black Politic’s!

  2. Mrs. Bernie Madoff

    July 11, 2012 at 10:18 pm

    Damn Son, didnt u learn anything from your father screw ups, and out of wedlock kid or kid(s) .Son, u outta be ashame of yo’self. For shame, for shame. Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, (eye’s rolling, head down, and shaking, back and forth).

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