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Vanessa Lopez PHOTOS

Vanessa Lopez PHOTOS

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Vanessa Lopez (photos below) is one of the Shaq alleged mistresses included in new allegations by Shawn Darling. From Vanessa Lopez to pics of Dominica Westling to Alexis Miller, Shaq has been alleged to have multiple mistresses during his previous marriage.

And while news of Dominica Westling and Lopez is not new, this week that changed with new allegations by Shawn Darling. From 2007 to 2009, Darling served as Shaq’s personal IT guy. This week, Radar reports that Darling has filed a suit for intentional infliction of emotional distress, invasion of privacy and civil R.I.C.O. (a racketeering charge). He claims that Shaq hacked into voicemails owned by Darling and Vanessa Lopez. Darling also claims O’Neal engaged in wrongful conduct concerning another alleged mistress Alexis Miller.

Vanessa Lopez Pictures Set 1
Vanessa Lopez Photo 1
Vanessa Lopez Photo 2
Vanessa Lopez Photo 3

“O’Neal told Darling that Alexis Miller had obtained a restraining order and that O’Neal said could not remember what he sent to Miller by way of text messaging and E-mail.”

Vanessa Lopez Pictures Set 2
Vanessa Lopez Photo 4
Vanessa Lopez Photo 5

Shaq’s attorney reveals that Darling allegedly has been arrested more than 15 times, been in federal prison more that 32 months for bank fraud and misuse of Social Security numbers. “Darling, an ex-convict with a long criminal record that he failed to disclose and hid from Mr. O’Neal, has demanded $12 million in exchange for not releasing Mr. O’Neal’s personal and confidential emails and communications. When Mr. O’Neal refused to be extorted, Darling filed a lawsuit claiming ‘invasion of privacy and emotional distress’”.

Dominica Wrestling Pictures
Dominica Wrestling Photo 1
Dominica Wrestling Photo 2
Dominica Wrestling Photo 3

“Mr. O’Neal has made it crystal clear that he will never respond to these outrageous tactics. As a result, Darling filed a lawsuit which seeks only to embarrass, harass and extract money from Mr. O’Neal.”

Alleged text messages released by Radar in March between Lopez and Shaq include Lopez saying  “I hope you had a wonderful day! I wish you were here papi ;)” “I will make sure I put on something very [hot] for you ;)” “I think you are such an amazing person inside and out. I truly wish you the best in life. No one deserves it more than you” to which Shaq allegedly replied “Thanks baby I will make it up to u”.

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