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Ines Sainz of TV Azteca Claims Jets Harassment

IInes Sainz of TV Azteca Claims Jets Harassment

NEW YORK (LALATE) – Ines Sainz (photos below) suffered alleged Jets harassment as a TV Azteca reporter in the Jets locker room, a controversy that is captivating U.S. football news to Mexican headlines today. Now AWSM confirms it will meet with the Jets to “educate and inform” them about how to treat female news reporters with respect.

For LALATE readers, Ines Sainz  is a familiar face, a beloved and beautiful reporter who in recent years hasn’t gotten the type of coverage that even a pre-Dancing with the Stars rin Andrews has received. But today, Ines (not Inez) is captivating international news as the victim of alleged outrageous conduct by Jets representations during her visit to their facility Saturday morning.

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TV Azteca had dispatched Ines Sainz to do a report on Mark Sanchez. The Mexican Southern California native was set to be interviewed by Sanz near his locker. That was until Sainz allegedly had things thrown things at her, players disparaging her bilingual abilities, and more. Sainz got her interview eventually with Sanchez.

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At 9 am EST Saturday, Sainz tweeted the trouble. “I’m dying of embarrassment! I am in the lockers of jets waiting for Mark Sanchez and while trying not to look to nowhere!” Two minutes later she tweets “Why is this the only way to do a pre-match interview for Monday! But too many male hormones in the environment!” She then said she had to cover her ears because of the comments being made towards her.  “I only see the locker of Mark and I would like to cover my ears!”

She eventually got her interview. She noted that Sanchez was professional. “Mission accomplished! Mark Sanchez is a great person! Very friendly and smart! Tomorrow can see his interview in Ritual NFL”.

Jets’ Woody Johnson got news of the antics in the locker room and quickly called Sainz himself Sunday. In a news statement Sunday, the Jets said that it reassured Sainz, and will do the same to other news media, that its members would thereafter “conduct themselves in a professional manner” that is “respectful.”\

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New York news reports that Sunday even the Jets’ organization specifically spoke to the players about the conduct.  The New York Daily News reported Sunday that the conduct allegedly involved linebacker Jason Taylor, defensive backs coach Dennis Thurman  who allegedly was “tossing pigskins in Sainz’s direction”, and Kris Jenkins who allegedly said of Sainz that she was “acting” that “she doesn’t know English.”

International latin news is reacting to the story, calling it a “Nuevo escándalo en la Liga Nacional de Fútbol Americano”.  [It’s not the first controversy for the Jets this season. Their so-called “Jets West Camp” is under NFL review and could result in a possible Jets fine or loss of a draft pick, even though the “Camp” was no secret. The Jets West Camp was held in Mission Viejo, Sanchez’s high school, at the same time of MLB’s All Star Game. In attendance were Tony Richardson, Santonio Holmes, Jerricho Cotchery, Larry Taylor, David Clowney, Dustin Keller and Kevin O’Connell.]

Midday Monday, AWSM (The Association for Women in Sports) received a phone call from Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum offering to have AWSM meet with players and staff and educated them on treatment of professionals. AWSM had filed a grievance against the NFL, still under review. AWSM in a news statement said the Jets invited an educational session in which staff will learn about how to treat “women in sports media … with respect and professionalism”.

AWSM Sunday called the conduct as “alleged harassment and mistreatment” and said it was levied by both players and coaches.

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  1. elizabeth

    September 18, 2010 at 12:04 pm

    I kind of wonder if they would have harassed her no matter what she wore. I could see that sort of thing happening with someone who is all buttoned-up, too. I wouldn’t wear that outfit but I also think the men should be held accountable for their lousy behavior,By the way I found a website that give you prizes for your opinions here is the topic about this:

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