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Michaele Salahi Playboy PHOTOS

Michaele Salahi Playboy PHOTOS

WASHINGTON D.C. (LALATE) – Michaele Salahi (pictures below) is going to crash Playboy Magazine. Michaele Salahi’s Playboy pictures will reportedly be shot later this month. Yet Michaele Salahi’s rep denies that Playboy has even offered her a pic spread. The magazine, which never comments before a spread is shot, has not spoken about the spread.

The latest Michaele Salahi reports come as Real Housewives of DC has struggle among fans, and net chatter. As one of the worse entries to the Bravo Housewives brand, the series has forced issues like race and power among a boring cast of lackluster storylines. Could the latest Bravo star to appear in Playboy help?

Michaele Salahi Hot Pictures Set 1
Michaele Salahi Photo 1

Michaele Salahi Photo 2

Michaele Salahi Photo 3

In fact, reaction to Michaele Salahi has been mixed at best with Salahi and husband the husband of constant reports disputing their bios. Among them are Maureen Dowd’s claim that Michaele is a “faux [Washington] Redksins cheerleader.” One report said that Michaele allegedly crashed the 2005 Redskins Cheerleader Alumni reunion. The report also claimed she alleged acted peculiar in 1994.  One cheerleader explains that in 1994 “we had an early morning pep rally before the Nordstrom anniversary sale, and Michaele requested to borrow my pom poms. I was very nervous about this as NFL cheerleaders have strict rules not to lend their uniforms to anyone under any circumstances. “

Michaele Salahi Hot Pictures Set 2
Michaele Salahi Photo 4

Michaele Salahi Photo 5

Michaele Salahi Photo 6

Michaele tried to chat up her series premiere by claiming Whoopi Goldberg levied “abuse” against her. But Michaele Salahi has allegedly made the same allegation against another person just within the last year. Attorney Cindy Revesman had a client suing Tareq Salahi in 2009. She claims that during a meeting, Michaele said the same thing about her.

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