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Jay Mariotti Felony ARREST

Jay Mariotti Felony Arrest

VENICE, CA (LALATE) – Jay Mariotti’s felony arrest has resulted in an ESPN “no comment” Saturday. Jay Mariotti’s arrest is not for “domestic violence” as some news sites are reporting incorrectly Saturday. Rather, LAPD is confirming that Jay Mariotti (photo above) was arrested in Los Angeles for “domestic disturbance”. The arrest and alleged event was Mariotti’s apartment in Venice.

LAPD tells the Chicago Sun Times that Jay and his girlfriend (not named in the report) were arguing at club (also unidentified) within Santa Monica City . LAPD claims the argument continued to the couple’s apartment in Venice. LA Times is reporting a physical altercation is mentioned in the LAPD report occurring inside the Venice apartment..

Mariotti was then arrested, held on $50,000 bail at the 77th street station. No news of a mug shot photo has been given. Mariotti appears on ESPN’s “Around the Horn”.

Just this week, he called Brett Favre a drama queen, a child, and a self-centered football player. “To call him a drama queen is to underplay the infuriating, suffocating absurdity of it all. In truth, Brett Favre is a freak show, a pampered, self-centered, 40-year-old child who at least is acknowledging that the sports public is universally disgusted by his annual play-or-retire tease. He used to be cool and unassuming, a country boy who showed up for camp without fuss and spent every season aw-shucking his way to more tales for his folk legend.

“Now? It’s as if he just discovered the new media down yonder in Mississippi and wants to squeeze every agitated sigh out of our tweets, chat rooms, comments sections and talk-radio audiences.”

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