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Mark Hurd’s Wife Paula Kalupa Remains Silent

Mark Hurd's Wife Paula Kalupa Remains Silent

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Paula Kalupa Hurd, Mark Hurd’s wife, is silent amid his HP scandal Saturday. Mark Hurd’s wife has not commented following HP disclosure Friday after the markets closed that Hurd had been accused of harassment by a former contractor, a marketing assistant.

Details since updated indicate that the former marketing assistant was not an employee by HP. Hurd is accused of improperly expensing her on company docuemnts. The woman’s identity has not been revealed since she has not come forward; she has retained attorney Gloria Allred.

UPDATE: The woman is now identified as Jodie Fisher.

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Original story below:

Hurd said of himself in a statement Friday that he violated basic principles of respect. “I realized there were instances in which I did not live up to the standards and principles of trust, respect and integrity that I have espoused at HP and which have guided me throughout my career.” Hurd, while receiving a $12.2 million severance payment with stock following his exit, could net $40 to $50 million by year end, claims Veritas’ reps Saturday. HP will make the Hurd payment of $12.2 million within 30 days.

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Few details of harassment allegations have been revealed in the first 24 hours. But Gloria Allred said in a brief statement that “there was no affair and no intimate .. relationship between our client and Mr. Hurd.” The Washington Post claims “Hurd … filed several inaccurate expense reports meant to conceal his relationship, the board found”.

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Hurd succeeded Patricia C. Dunn as HP head after she resigned for her own scandal, a pretexting controversy.


  1. Carl

    August 10, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    They actually paid that PIG, I bet she is crying all the way to the bank

  2. Lynn Manieri

    August 10, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    Yes, well. What do you expect? These men are ego maniacs and capable of anything. Lets see how much his gives his paramour. If his wife is smart, she’ll walk away with it all. HP is really stupid for this one.

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