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Montana Fishburne Chip-D Chippy-D Film

Montana Fishburne Chip-D Chippy-D Film brian pumper

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Lawrence Fishburne’s daughter Montana Fishburne (aka Chip-D, Chippy D) is confirmed to appear on tape just weeks after Brian Pumper (aka Bling Man), J-Pipes and Fishburne appeared in a YouTube video.

While Brian is not confirmed on tape with Montana, he expresses in the YouTube video his excitement of working with Lawrence Fishburne’s daughter. The YouTube video (which is still online) seems to suggest that Fishburne’s tape co-star could be J-Pipes, a skinny guy, or Brian.

Montana Fishburne & Brian Pictures Set 3
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IMDB features the notable quotes allegedly by Brian which read “I like to work out so I can be in shape for the movies. …. The girl doesn’t have to be a supermodel.”

Bling Man is Brian’s reported rapper name. “If I can cross over into rapping. I made the commitment to myself that no matter how much money I’m making on rapping, unless I’m on tour or something, or it’s just completely inconvenient, I’m still going to do [films]. Simply because I have a passion for it and I would like to keep up with my fans.”

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Brian says that bodybuilding doesn’t pay the type of money he hoped to make. “I wanted to be a professional bodybuilder but there’s no money in bodybuilding. … I actually wanted to become a bodybuilder before I became a [film] star, now I just work out for fun to stay in shape and for my on personal pride.”

And Brian even says he believes in God. “I communicate with God. Even though some people feel [films] and God don’t go together, and that’s not righteous. But I don’t look at it like that. I’m making an honest living. I’m not out in the streets harming anyone. I’m having fun with what I do and I’m successful at it. I thank God for his blessings. That’s it. It’s real simple. I thank him for me being healthy, alive and strong and finding a career that I enjoy. I’m really grateful for being in the business. Life couldn’t be any better.”

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In the YouTube video, Montana says “You’re on camera… the camera loves me, I love the camera. …  I have confidence in what I do.” And for the reason to make a tape, “It wasn’t a goal, but it was a step in a direction.”

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