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Holly Madison and Angel Porrino – Our Show is Real

Holly Madison and Angel Porrino - Our Show is Real

LAS VEGAS (LALATE) – Holly Madison and Angel Porrino say their reality show is actually real. Holly Madison’s “Holly’s World” claims to be a non contrived, non staged, reality show on E!, the network accused of the above with shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

“Holly’s World” entered during a time in which reality shows have been accused of manufacturing everything from careers to relationships to even scripting the storyline. But for Madison, she tells Vegas news that she knows her show is real because she produces it and reduces hours of footage to a mere 8 episodes.

Madison writes “The one thing that I hope Holly’s World shows is that we are all really great friends. When I moved to Las Vegas last year, I really only knew a few people. It’s kind of intimidating to come to a new city and make your way, so I relied on my friends to help me. Now the four of us really are a family. We support each other in everything.”

While LALATE is not a fan of most reality shows, Holly’s World is great for the simple reason is the show is not sugar-coated nor staged.

Holly explains “Yes, it is a reality show, but it means that we shoot hours upon hours of footage so that the producers (of which I am one) can have enough footage to make eight half-hour episodes. Some of the stuff we have shot won’t ever make it to E!, and in some cases, that’s a very good thing.”

This week, Angel Porrino (who has become one of the most read celebrities on LALATE this summer) gets breast augmentation. And there is nothing overdone, nor embellished about the surgery. That comes as Josh Strickland heads to New York to audition for a new role. “It basically follows me and three of my friends as we all try to figure out things on our own in Las Vegas” says Madison. But one thing that doesn’t need figuring out is “Holly’s World”; it’s simply good programming.

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