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Robert Rizzo Resigns

Robert Rizzo resigns

BELL (LALATE) – Bell’s Robert Rizzo has resigned following a salary scandal. Resignations of Bell’s Robert Rizzo (Chief Administrative Officer), Angela Spaccia (Assistant City Manager), and Randy Adams (Police Chief) were submitted last night after a salary scandal ripped through the City earlier this week.

As reported previously on LALATE, citizens and neighboring cities were pushing for the resignation of Rizzo and Co. after it became apparent that his $72,000 salary had grown to $800,000 annually,  double that of the President of the United States. Spaccia was earning annually roughly $376,000 and Adams $457,000.

All three were forced out by their City Council last night. But, as reported here previously, the City Councilmembers of Bell get annual salaries of over $100,000, a sizable paycheck for a position that is only part-time.

Rizzo and the two will not receive severance packages. But they will get their pensions. Rizzo’s pension will pay him $650,000, annually for life. At that level, Rizzo at age 56 becomes the highest paid retire in the California State pension system. Adams will get in excess of $441,000 per year.

During the period Rizzo has been in office, the city went from near bankruptcy to a general fund worth $15 million. Rizzo doesn’t even live in Bell. He lives in a million dollar mansion in Huntington Beach.

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